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CBR250R/RR Height Suitability

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Hey, my mate has one.. it looks fairly big... it is a CBR250RR ... etc etc... a lot of people saying they're pretty small... for a person of 180cm roughly, or 6ft/3 90/100kg is it small do you think?

    When I go there next... I will have to sit on it and see how it feels ... though won't be for a very long time, my car decided to shit it self so i'm left with an unregistered wreck, lol. So i've decided to strip the thing, recoup as much money and buy a bike (then go for my learners) - I am on my Car Probationary License.

    Hopefully pickup a low K's CBR250R/RR (not fussed) for roughly $5000/$5500 in a couple months.

    I left another forum to join here as this 'unnamed' forum has too many pre pubic teens who haul abuse for asking newbie questions. (which hopefully I get a better response here without the hostility.)


  2. How tall/heavy are ya? You wont get the same probs here. :p

    BTW Welcome aboard Noob. :wink:
  3. You'll find out if it fits when you sit on one. :)

    That's the way. :wink:

    Shouldn't be hard. :) Not saying it won't be, but it sure as hell shouldn't be. :)

    fcuk off! :rofl:
  4. lol thanks for your replies thank god you's know your humor :p :p

    I weigh about 90-100kg... my height is about 6ft 3

    I just hope I am not too tall to fit on a cbr250r/rr cause I very much like them :)
  5. So you a one big m/f for a small bike huh. :grin:
    As you said, only you will be able to see if its comfy enough for you by sitting on one yourself.
  6. i am male, heh

    i'd probably look like a large pumkin riding a small motorbike, time will only tell if that is the case :p
  7. m/f was short for motherf*cker, not male/female. :LOL:
    Nath is a guys name yeh? :p

  8. lol i totally skimmed your post and just noticed m/f and immediatly thought male/female
    must be cause of a late night :p
  9. No probs. :grin:
  10. cbr250 is for shorties. its smaller than most 250s out there on the market.
  11. They smaller than a ZZR250? Friend of mine is 6'3 & got the ZZR as his first bike. Funniest sight I've seen in ages. :LOL:
  12. you can jack the rear up in most bike's can't you? to suit taller people... damn I wish I was shorter (would probably look like a drag vehicle leaning forward towards ground ?) hehe
  13. If the CBR ends up looking like a rollerblade jammed in your cheeks, try the Hyosung GT250. It has a 250 engine in the 650's frame, so it's a fairly large bike and you can buy a new one for the some sort of money you pay for a 2nd hand CBR. :)
  14. Im 6'3 and weigh a bit over 90Kg and i ride a Honda Spada, which looks to be about the same height as a CBR. It is a small bike, but i do fit on it. My knees come just below the top corners of my tank, and it still feels comfortable to ride, but some times my friends comment on my size on the bike jokingly. I just tell them "didnt you know pit bikes are all the rage these day, this is my little pit bike"

    I only needed a 250 for 18 months for my restricted licence, then plan to get something a bit bigger, both height wise, and capacity wise. But for now i find it still rides good. My biggest concern was that i would struggle to change gears to to the angle of my leg to foot, but this hasnt been a problem at all, and if it was i would just adjust the gear lever.

  15. I think the CBR250RR will be too small..

    The Hyosung GT250R is good for big guys.
  16. dankes for the replies :p

    Only time will tell whether or not I fit on a cbr250r/rr. The Spada looks ok looked at few pics, if all else fails... guess it would be a trail bike :p

    I also looked at the gt250 hyosung.. it looks great, but I want to spend $5k on a bike not $7k, but if i'm patient and save an extra 1 or 2 thousand when the time comes, i'll look into the hyosung.

    What do people think about the Aprilia R250.. I know people will jump down my throat for suggesting it because it supposedly has alot more power then most , or all 250cc's ?? i dunno, but anyway.. is aprilia R250 any bigger then a cbr250r/rr ?
  17. U can pick up a 2nd hand gt250 hyosung for round the $6k mark matey. :wink:
    Go squid. You'll then be able to afford one. :grin:
  18. I looked at a few pics of the 2001 Honda VT250C..

    i'm after whatever looks good to me, but doesn't have to be sporty, can be cruiser and whatever... the VT250C, do you reckon that would have good leg room cause your legs go to the front more? just rough ideas i'll be happy with until i get around to physically going out and having a feel of the bikes :)

    The hyosung looks OK from the side, i guess will have to wait and see it in flesh, downside is its powered by suzuki (honda me likies) :p
  19. i agree with most of the guys; the CBR250 are a pretty small bike.

    i'm 170cms, and weigh about 70. I think it's a good size for me, but if anything, a little bit small.
  20. ^^ I'm the same specs as you and i find it ok, not to comfy on the crotch area, but i guess that just cause i'm not use to it yet