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cbr250r q's

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by serafina, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    Hope i've got the right forum...

    I'm looking at buying a CBR250r to replace the ZZR. But i'm a bit concerned. Basically, i don't want to buy a dud that is going to cost me thousands in repair costs when it continually shits itself.
    What worries me is the age of the bike...i'd just like to know how reliable they actually are, any problems, peoples experiences etc: It would be something i would be riding daily.

    The bike i'm looking at had a flat spot which the owner fixed by cleaning out the carbs but he mentioned they need a tune. Also...bike doesn't want to start unless it's given a handful of throttle? Is this normal?

    Long time to wait for open license and after riding the honda, i'm sold.
  2. Best thing I can offer is to get a bike shop to have a look see at it, shouldn't be a problem with the current owner if s/he has nothing to hide.
    It may just need a good tune up OR there may be bigger problems ?

    Hard starting needing alot of throttle could mean :
    Just a good tune up
    or Compression is low
    or weak spark etc etc etc

    Have you asked why the current owner is selling ?
    Could be for an upgrade / giving bikes away or there is a problem they know of thats going to cost a bucket to fix, and they want to off load before its to late? [ its sucks but is very common ]
  3. Alot of bikes including my CBR need a rev to get going.

    U can usaly start em without it but it takes longer and i dont like putin my battery and starter motor through that. Hve u tried it with the choke on.

    The thing i love about the 250 CBRs is that the are all aluminium and alloys besides being a bit lighter the frames dont rust.

    The rectifyers are supposed to blow once in a while. Easy fix. Just budget a little bit for repairs if its in good nick ull save money and go faster than a new bike.