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CBR250R Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hromero89, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone im new here.
    I dont have much of an idea about the mechanics of bikes...well nothing really haha :oops: but just wondering if for someone like me to take up a "project" would be a good idea.

    Theres this bikes on bike sales which needs some work (probably more than im thinking) and the description goes like this:

    CBR250R Unregistered

    Needs new front rim as it is bent.
    Hasn't been started in a year, needs charge and service.
    Paintjob is fresh, fairings are in good condition. Tank has a dent in it and is the wrong colour.

    Still looks good in the flesh.

    First to see will buy.

    Sold as is.

    Message me if calling doesn't work, inspection anytime.

    so I guess what im wanting to know is:
    what kind of problems could i possibly encounter and need to fix based on the description?? and would they be pretty simple for someone who has basically no idea.

    secondly, how much would be a reasonable amount to pay this guy for the bike? he's asking for $1,750

    hopefully you guys could help me thanks.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Bent rim could also mean bent forks and possibly a damaged headstem.
    Not having started in a year could mean a rooted battery and possibly corrosion inside the engine.
    Fresh paint could be hiding anything.

    If you're looking for a project there's far better bikes you could buy for 1.7k.
  3. ahh okay like i said i dont know much :LOL: thanks for your help

    could you suggest anywhere to look for a bike to work on?
  4. In that case best to avoid crash damaged bikes, you could easily miss something important. You'd be better off with an 80's era bike - they tend not to be as popular (and are therefore much cheaper) and there's plenty out there that can be made good just with a bit of a clean up/respray and some basic maintenance.
    Most are naked bikes though - if you really want something with fairings the options are a little more restricted. However an early GPX, CBX250 or VT250F would make a good project.
  5. good to know thanks for the info ill start having a look at that and hopefully learn more along the way haha thanks very much
  6. Try browsing the ads in the Trading Post - that tends to get more of the cheap old bikes than bikesales/point.
    Local newspapers for areas around Sydney would also be worth checking, most are now online ( http://www.yourguide.com.au ) and you can search their classified ads.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/HONDA-VT250F2-1982-CLASSIC-SPORT-CRUISER-GREAT-COND_W0QQitemZ140297774205QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Motorcycles?hash=item140297774205&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A7|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    This is good, but you're in Sydney, probably a bit far! :wink:
  8. that would be nice...if only i was in melbourne haha :LOL:
  9. This Honda CBX might be worth a look. A single cylinder isn't exactly the greatest for performance but they are a hell of a lot easier to work on.

    Or, if you want to also consider LAMS bikes over 250cc then this GS550 Katana might be worth a look. You could possibly fit a partial or full-fairing of another GS/GSX model Suzuki.
  10. Neither of your links bring up any thing remotely like what the text suggests jd.
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  12. if you are looking for a project bike i reckon you are much better off going for something without fairings.

    if you drop it, how easy is it gonna be to get fairings for a cbx or whatever from the 80's?

    project bike = naked bike :cool:

    it will probably be easier to work on too as you wont have to strip it down every time you need to get to something. also its cheaper to make them look really nice with less parts to insteall. old faired bikes will always look old so grab a naked!!

    also read lots of forums. even look on youtube. my brother learned how to do fork seals and stuff just by watching "how to" videos on you tube so have a look around

    good luck with it
  13. surprise suprise recommending and era bike when u ride a katanga :)

    ive seen the cbr u are talking about on another forum,
    He has done most of the work for u,
    forks have been replaced
    2nd hand rim is around 200$ or can be straightened.
    cant vouche for the bike but check the for sale section on

    its on there for 1500
    offer him 1300 and its a bargin. If runs well.
  14. kjhgk hgfhg sajh fkjkjt sgdg?

    The reason I bought the Kat is because an 80's era bike that's complete and running makes a much easier project than a newer bike that's been crashed.
    That is why I'm suggesting the OP does the same.

  15. i found it on the forum thanks :grin:

    so do you think its worth having a go?? please remember that i dont have much/any idea wen it comes to mechanics of bikes an stuff..ill probably do wat notorious_nick said and watch you tube haha but theres only so much you can learn from there...
  16. take somone with u who knows engines,
    as long as thats fine your sweet.
    if you need it.
    Trust me as a noob u dont wana be even thinking about taking a cbr250 apart.

    Try a single cylinder bike air cooled motor if you want to learn mechanics.

    I was guna buy that one as a project bike but too busy with work atm.