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CBR250R problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by N00b, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    im new to this place....!!! :grin:

    well, to some issues im having with my cbr250r...

    i was just wondering if anyone might know any problems with it?
    b4 it stoped working, it was having problems reving , it never went pass 6000 rpm, and now it has gotten to the point of not starting...

    am going to take to mechanics, but just wondering if anyone would give me any tips of what the problem could be?!

    Cheers and thanks in advance... :?
  2. It'll be one or both of the following:

    Flat battery or stuffed Reg/rectifier.

    Before you take it to the mechanic, get yourself a trickle charger and give the battery a good charge. See how that goes and if you still have problems with getting the revs over 6K, might be time to replace the reg/rec.

    They are between $50-200 depending on where you get it from.. i.e Wreckers, ebay or a Honda Dealer.

    Welcome to the forum BTW.
  3. THANKS!
    it wouldnt be the battery bcoz it was basically a brand new battery when the rev limiting happened (1 wk old).

    THanks for the help mate...
  4. Could be a range of things, can't tell with that much info. Need more eg does it crank over but never start or not crank over at all, is there fuel getting to the carby, does the spark plug spark, does it jump start etc etc if you can find these things out or get a mate who knows a bit to check these for you it will go a long way to helping.

    Could be out of fuel, battery flat, spark plug screwed, blocked fuel line, kill switch knocked to off, starter motor stuffed, coil stuffed, spark plug leads stuffed, loose battery lead, frayed lead to starter motor, etc etc

    Perhaps start by checking all your wires/leads/fuel lines are connected properly, try jump starting it and if you know how and check if you have spark and fuel as mentioned.
  5. Yeh, sorry abt the lack of info, but not too much i know,

    it doesnt jusmp start, and it did have a prior service to issue coming,

    also, it does ignite, just doesnt start, currently the battery is dead because i have left if for a while due to lack of funds.

    it might have issues with spark plugs, and maybe even carbies.

    thats all i can tell atm...
  6. yes but does it turn over on the starter motor? :roll:
  7. Nope, it doesnt...
  8. right so your battery isn't charged.

    It's either the alternator or the regulator. charge the battery. Put it back in start it up and put a multi-meter (volt meter) across the batter terminals.

    it should be reading about 14V and be reasonably constant.

    given it's a Honda, I'd be going with stealth and saying it's the regulator.