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cbr250r or cbr250rr for first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alx8, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. hi all, my names alex and im 23 from south eastern sunburbs, melbourne. Im gonna buy my first bike soon and was hoping for some advice. ive looked around and i really like the look of and ive settled on the cbr250R or cbr250RR . is it worth it to buy the RR for a little extra money or the get the single R for a bit cheaper?? what are the differences??

    also when i finally get the bike I dont have a clue as to what equipment i need to purchase, ie: helmet,gloves, how many jackets or shoes or pants etc. what do i really need???

    I also must commute to uni everyday and am wondering are there any waterproof back packs that can accomodate my laptop, i just dont wanna use any plastic bags thats all.?

    thanks alot. :)
  2. if you've got BAGS of money, then grab the RR. it gives you better brakes, a slightly better looking bike and possibly a performance increase. tho i'm yet to have anyone show me the performance difference, its the same motor revving higher, but peak power is made below the redline on the R so wheres the gain? :?

    dont rule out the ZXR or FZR (dont worry about GSXR unless you're really made of money) tho either, they all perform pretty much the same. the differences between them is minute and really just comes down to condition and the rider as to whats faster.
  3. From what I remember, the RR has twin front discs while the R has single discs. Also, the RRs are much newer bikes.

    Also, the R probably has a few more years / kilometers / drops on it than most RRs, which would also account for a large price difference. The R's are the early nineties and before models, I think.

    As coconuts hinted, I think it'll come down to which you can afford rather than what you actually want ;)

    *insert standard advice about avoiding the CBR250 as a first bike here, you've heard it all before, blah blah insurance fairings speed etc*
  4. Don't forget the FZR!!!! It's a bloody great bike....

    Also with the gear you need everything IMO..

    Helmet (whatever fits/feels best fro you.. don't worry about price.. eg; doesn't have to be the $$$ ones)

    Gloves (don't leave home without them)
    Boots ( something that covers your ankle and a bit of ya shins)
    Jacket (always wear it... doesn't have to be leather.. I have a summer and winter one)
    Pants ( I have draggin cargo jeans)
    I also wear a back protector... optional

    Have fun


  5. if u can afford a RR get it mate however,remember u will pay more than a R.
    ALSO KEEP IN MIND,dont go for a good spray job cos u will pay for it mate
  6. Learner Bikes CBR


    Im going to be getting a road bike for my 21st which is in the next couple of months. I was wondering what everyone thought of the CBR-R and CBR-RR for my first bike? I like the look of these bikes. Whats the best price I could get it at and from where? Would it be wise to get one through the trading post or a dealer? Trading post i'v seen CBR's between 3,500 and 5,000, in the shops your looking at least 4,500- 5,500 maybe even more. With the gear does anyone know of and good second hand places to get gear in Melbourne?

    Any help with this would be geat.
    Thanks Pris :D
  7. Re: Learner Bikes CBR

    Hello Pris,welcome to the forums! 8)
    Nice to see your hearts in the right place :D Go the RR man,its a newer bike and has the "Gull Arm" type swingarm.
    Theres pros and cons buying from a dealer,you pay a bit more,but you also have the protection of a 3month warranty.
    Now,with gear its always a good idea to buy new stuff man,you dont know whats happened to 2nd hand stuff or where its been! You can get some good quality kit without having to spend mega bucks.Rivet do quite a lot of low cost/decent quality stuff man. Most places should give you a discount as well if you're buying a bike at the same time(expect around 10% discount)Good luck and happy buying! 8) :p
  8. RRs come with the Gull Arm type swingarm as well. Weather or not that makes much difference or not??
  9. Differences

    The rest of that website would be of interest to you as well.

    I started with a CBR250R which is a grey import, while you are on your L plates you'll struggle to get insurance and once off your L plates you'll pay an arm and a leg for insurance. Definitely check out that part of the equation before you commit to a bike. I found out after I got the CBR250R.

    You probably find the naked 250s are much more affordable both price wise, insurance costs and also repair costs if you drop it while you are learning (plan on having a few minor drops as you are learning the ropes it not unheard of).

    Do a search in the forums for CBR250* and VTR250 and you should be able to get a feel for what is out there and the pros and cons with all the collected wisdom in the threads you'll come across.

    If you are interested in finding out about what gear you should get then I highly recommend you come down to the Netrider shopping night next week and talk to as many people as you can. Or even head into Friday night coffee or one of the other events in the Ride and Events Announcements section of the forums.
  10. Re: Learner Bikes CBR

    That's not correct. To be precise, only if the price is more than $3,000 is a statutory warranty applicable. From $3,001 to $6,000 it's 3,000km or 2 mths, and over $6,000 it's 5,000km or 3 mths.

    The age of the vehicle must also be under 10yrs. Many CBR's and CBRR's around are approaching that date.
  11. Go for a 250RR if you can pony up the cash. Beware of r's or rr's that have a vin plate that does not mention Honda MPE. These are grey imports and the dates on the plate may be misleading. Some bike have dates on them that are the date they were imported into Australia and as such may read 2000. These bikes could still have build dates as early as 1989. Single r's were never imported by Honda Australia and RR's were only ever imported in tri colour and maroon version to my memory. Be careful of any bike which has a race paint job as these will be custom painted and are near impossible to replace the paint in the event of an accident.
  12. oh yeah. less cylinders.... less trouble.
    ie vtr, vt, xv.
  13. Re: Learner Bikes CBR

    I stand corrected, :D but its still better to buy from a dealer,at least you have some recourse,even if its a limted amount of time. 8)
  14. get an RR
    CBR250RRs make every learner (by that i mean ME) spooge. if you get an R it'll be like settling for the ugly sister. take into account that if anyone with an RR sees you, they will laugh at you like a japanese anime character and flex their infinately huge penises in your general direction.

    today i was in the city, and saw a bunch of bikes parked back from george street.
    amoungst them was a GPX (what i have(in pieces)) and a CBR250RR. the RR was like looking at a house full of awesome, while the GPX was like vomiting and counting the chunks.
    im pretty certain Rs and RRs would compare in much the same way.

    Get an RR no matter how much it costs. if it costs a first born child, that is WELL worth it.
    think of it like someone with a merc
    One guy has the c200K, the other has the c32AMG. who has the bigger penis? the guy with the more powerful c32amg, thats right.

    if any of you disagree, you are wrong.

  15. manny, its just a toy mate :LOL:

    its like the difference between having a GI-Joe doll with a pistol and one with an m16 when everyone else is in the army playing with real guns :wink:

    just buy the cheapest thing you can find, thrash it for a year and then sell it for the same as you bought it after making sure the motor burns more oil than petrol and you've run supercheap out of cable ties and duct tape :LOL:
  16. haha true coconuts. but what happened to the Be All You Can Be factor!?
    if he can get a CBR250RR, then why not?
    GI joes with m16s pwn GI joes with pistols
  17. thanks for the advice, i will give it a bit more thought and try to use all of your info wisely. :wink:
  18. l can tell you l love my CBR 250RR...and you will too :D .

    I also know of a girl who is selling her CBR in the next few weeks if your interested. If you want to see a pic of the bike let me know.

    Im pretty sure she wants around $4500 for it.

    Not sure of the details, but around 98 compliance l think!!

  19. Ok,lets clear something up here peoples,what date a Grey is complianced at really doesnt mean jack,apart from when it was bought to the country.What year model the bike is what to look for.Having had 2 Greys (Fizzer 250 + 400) i've a bit of experience with them.

    1st.When buying a Grey,especially from a shop,make them check the disc thickness,most important!Virtually all well used Greys will have undersize discs (4.5mm is min.) This is something ALL bike shops checked when i was looking to trade and they always tried to knock off anywhere from $500-$1000 simply because the discs where under .5mm. Sooo,lets play their own game and put the same on them!Got undersize discs?Tell them you want new discs on it!(which,legally,they have to do because its a roadworthy requirement) If they give you crap about it,walk away from the deal or tell them you'll report them to the RTA for trying to sell you an unroadworthy bike as roadworthy.Makes em change their tune when they realise you know what you;'re talking about.

    Next: Never trust the Ks on the clock of a Grey,as they are nearly always dodgy,check the overall condition of the bike to get a better idea of how its been treated.Disc thickness can give you an idea for starters!

    Next:Check for mismatched panels to,as it usually means the bike is a bitza.Bits from here,bits from there.You catch my drift.

    Overall Greys can be a great buy and awesome bikes,but you have to know what to look for and realise shops give you sweet bugger all as a trade in.

    Good luck and happy buying. :D 8)