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CBR250R major service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Liryc, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hey all, another newbie servicing question.

    just got a 1989 CBR250r couple of weeks ago, with 26800+ on the clock(it could be wrong). The previous owner had it for 8 months and had one oil and filter change (no other servicing history). I thought I may save myself a lot of trouble later if I'd have a major service at this stage.

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic/service centre around Clayton area? I am considering Pablo's or Sharptune in Dandy. Had anyone dealt with these guys before?

    I've heard about a mobile motorcycle servicing (Rolling Motorcycle I think). That would be more convenient if they can do a decent job. Had anybody have any comments on these guys?

    What would be included in a major service? And do anybody have a rough idea of how much am I looking at spending? It has a new sparkplugs and battery if that helps. :?

    Thanks for the input.

  2. very smart idea, get a some new spark plugs, oils, air filters etc. though i think you should do this all yourself to save alot of cash, try the basic motorbike short courses at homes glen, or coburg tafes.

    a good mech is yuki at southern cross sport in Heidelberg. just give him a call on +61 3 94583239
  3. Filo, I'll be signing up for that as all I know at the moment are basic pre-ride checks and adding fuel and oil. There is a thread about that somewhere. For $180 3hrs for 3weeks you get to learn how to treat/maintain/do minor repairs.

    But may leave the major servicing to the big guys. I heard somone say I may need to have my valve clearance(?) checked as part of major service?

    What is included in a major service? and how often do I have to do that?
  4. Depends how much you abuse your bike, and how long you want it to last.

    Major service includes everything from carb clean and sync, valve clearances, lubing everything, checking the steering, wheel alignment, clutch adjustment, check brakes - pads, rotors and fluid (may bleed brakes), checking suspension, all that kind of good stuff.

    I'd expect to pay 500+ for a fairly thorough major service on a cbr (mainly because the owners typically neglect them), assuming too many things aren't rooted.
  5. Liryc,

    Try a google for "cbr250servicemanual.pdf". The service schedule for your bike is in there which will give you an idea of what a full service is ... its for the cbr250rr but has appendices for the various cbr 250r models - '89 is a K if I recall correctly.

    Some of the tasks you'll be able to do yourself - some can be tricky - If the K is the same as the J model then the valves are a "shim under bucket" type so if your clearances are out you'll have to remove the cams to get to them.

    As phizog said - they are usually neglected - so clean and lube as you go.
    Good luck and have fun

  6. I have downloaded a service manual, shows service schedule, I think I can manage the some basic maintenance, but to be honest guys,(at the moment) most of them are greek to me. Hopefully i'll be able to understand it easier after the TAFE course Filo suggested.

    Meantime, i'm looking at Pablo's or the Rolling Motorcycle, for a major.(Yuki is a bit far for me Filo01, not very confident to ride that far yet). if anyone had any input about these guys, that would be helpful.

  7. hey Filo01,
    just came across this thread, tried looking for the motorbike short course on some websites but came up with zilch, can you refer me to something, names numbers etc- thanks in advance - marz
  8. Pablo was prettty good when they were in richmond. But i have been to them for many many years
  9. I would recommend going to Yuki, he is the 250 grey import specialist here. Pablo's are good, will do the job well, but I don't think he will as the same level of knowledge as Yuki.

    If you can muster up the confidence (more riding :cool: ) then I'd hold out to go to Yuki.

    Did you find out what the major service involves? If it is just plugs, filters and coolant, then I'm sure one of us netriders are more than willing to help/show you.
  10. The most important part of a service on one of these GP engines (since that is what they would have been considered a while back) is the valve clearance checks and adjustment if they are "out".

    Tight valves will burn out and reduce power and economy. Oh, and repair costs are enormous.

    I have been told that a full valve check and adjustment will not see much change from $1,000, which is why it is usually left. I imagine that price was an exaggeration, but you could expect in the high hundreds because of the complexity and lack of access.


    Trevor G
  11. Does Yuki do RWC? If so, how much does he charge?
  12. You could try Pete Pom... see the forum adv banner. http://www.melbournemotorcyclerepairs.com.au/

    he did my across for $600 - Major service.. value adjust, carby adjust, brake oil, sparks and others. Big improvement in performance and response to the bike. hes going rate is 90/hr... did my service in 5 hrs.
  13. Indeed Pete the Pom is great mechanic and a top bloke to boot...works on nearly everybodies bikes that I know :) ...it takes alot of time to find a good trustworthy mechanic and I was close to giving up until I was referred to Pete, does great work and won't BS you about what your bike needs...unlike alot of others :evil: