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CBR250R Idle Speed Adjustment

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by EnglishDan, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Hi, first post here and all that so I hope I'm in the right section!

    I recently bought a 1989 CBR250R and it keeps cutting out whilst idling. It only manages about 1000rpm with no throttle and it's very annoying having the engine stop each time you stop at lights! The few times I've ridden it I've had to keep the throttle on a little bit to keep the engine going.

    All I need to know really, is what I have to do to adjust the idle speed, as the online manuals I have found say that it should idle at about 1500-1600rpm.

    And before anyone asks... yes it's full of fuel! :p
  2. Does the bike still cut out after 10-15 minutes of riding?
  3. It could also be tight valves, But try idle speed first.
  4. Left hand side of the bike, below tank, possibly inside hole in fairings. You're looking for a little knob attached to a cable, turning this adjusts idle.
  5. Cheers, guys, will give it a go tomorrow!

    I rode it home from the city to Glen Waverley (about 40 minutes) the other day and it was still cut out at the last roundabout before my street!
  6. I'd get a service done just the same, carb clean sync balance, valves, etc. do the minor stuff yourself like oil, filter, plugs.
  7. You'll have to stick your fingers (gloves off or they won't fit in the space) between the top of the left fairing and the frame itself, just below the fuel tank (as posted above). Turn clockwise to increase the idle speed. You may have to use a bit of force in order to turn it if it's anything like mine.
  8. hhaha i just moved to glen waverly this weekend!!!

    post up a pic of your bike and i might see you on the monash!

  9. I will tomorrow! It's back at the workshop at the moment having the cooling system exlectrics fixed. Damn second hand bikes! :mad:
  10. hahaha, i know that all to well, just got my bike and it needs 1100 to get to rwc.... needs 2 new front rotors and pads and chain and sprocket T_T_T_T_T
  11. Yeah, that's why I bought from a dealer... got it all fixed for free under warranty! it was just the being stuck without the bike (I don't drive a car) that was a pain! :p
  12. 1100? I hope your bargained the bike down a fair bit?

    Do it yourself for half that. :?
    Theres service manual on the CBR250 forums...search it up on google 'JDM CBR'...

    Idle speed should be at 1500 +/- 100rpm when warm. Turn it up when cold since it isn't idling and then turn it back down after riding for a bit.
    It's a black knob located between the left fairing and frame looking straight in.

    Clockwise is idle up.
    Anti is idle down.

    If you were in Sydney I woulda shown you how to carb clean and sync too.