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CBR250R exhaust recomendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by UncannyMan, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. I recently purchased a cbr250r, 2012, with an after market exhaust, cant remember the brand name, think it was Dan Moto, or similar name. The muffler has baffle installed, but is still way to noisy for my liking. Any recommendations for after market exhaust that is not too noisy for this model would be appreciated.

  2. The stock one isn't very loud. Or you can take the baffle out and make it smaller - it's a simple metal disc with a hole in it right?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Steve Vtec, I got the stock exhaust from the guy when i bought the bike just in case i needed it for rego or something but weighs a ton and does not look very good. It sought of looks out of place on the bike because its so big. I would rather leave the noisy one on then put on the standard. I also dont want to spend a fortune and get an after market exhaust that is just as noisy as the one i have.
  4. Well if you're alright in the garage you could fabricate a baffle with a smaller hole and see what that does to the sound...
  5. Maybe a look on YouTube would help u could hear the sound and see which pipe it was
  6. Ear plugs are also very cheap
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  7. Some Ixil slip-ons ship with two baffles: a 'street' baffle which is like what you've got, and a 'pit' baffle that cuts the sound down to nearly stock.

    I think this one is similar to what I had that came with two baffles, but ask them to check. Looking at it, for $50 more you get the full system which might be worth looking at.
  8. take a picture of your current baffle. it can probably be modified to make it more quiet
  9. Unfortunately, they do nothing for the rest of us.
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  10. Had a DanMoto, made me deaf. Got stock exhaust back on
  11. Thanks for the good suggestions, I will remove the baffle and inspect to see what can be done, maybe get a more suitable baffle or modify it, maybe check out you tube for ideas. all good suggestions. everyone has got me thinking. i think i can come up with a fix. thanks