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CBR250R Cuts out/tends not to start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Sera, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Usually my bike runs fine (when it starts) however i have been unable to ride as much as i would like lately, mostly cause of the crappy weather, but what tends to happen is; when i start the bike, and etch on the throttle it tends not to catch and start just keeps trying to.

    Eventually after a few tries it sounds as if its struggling to even start off the button.

    When it does start eventually (push start) it idles fine, without the light on. As soon as i pop the light on it dips below normal idle and cuts out or sounds like it is going to cut out.

    So pretty much in order to ride it i have to ride without the light on, otherwise i run the risk of it just cutting out when im slowing down. (rather dangerous)

    Now i think it is the battery, it sounds like the battery but i just dont know.

    Im not very mechanically minded so just wanted to know what you guys think.

    (one thing to note is it has done this almost from the get go, even during summer when i was riding almost every 2nd day)

    any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. It sounds as though the reg/rec has had it, maybe wrecking the battery in the process.

    Hopefully you will just need a new battery.

    A simple check is to get a multimeter and check the voltage. It should be over 13.5v at mid revs (about 8000 rpm). If it's too much over it's a sign that the reg/rec is overcharging the battery.

    Reg/rec failure is fairly common on CBR250's.
  3. I guess my next question is how hard is it to replace the reg/rec, and how costly is it?
  4. Thats not your reg rec,

    if it flutters and half fires etc its the fuel going off and fouling the plugs.

    if you can push start it and it runs then the charging system is doing its job,

    if the bike wont start quickly then possible batts not holding charge, so you might need to replace it ,

    so a plug change will help
  5. Ok well, just got home and decided to test it out,

    Bike took a few mins to start but that was to be expected since i haven't ridden it in few months. Took a while to kick over, didn't flutter or half fire at all.

    I grabbed a multimeter and checked voltage at around 5000/6000 rpm got a reading of around 25.9v

    couldn't get a look at where the reg/rec was (partly because i didn't know where it was).

    So question is what do i do from here?

    Being a newb @ motorbikes i wasn't exactly sure how to get into see where the reg/rec was.

    I would like to fix it myself rather than taking it to a mechanic, partly because of how much it might cost, and partly because, well i would like to think i'm a hands on guy :LOL:

    (edit: don't know if this is anything, but i noticed as i was reving the bike the lights started to get brighter and brighter)

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. 25.9v??? Recheck that please, and if so, get a new regulator, and you're going to need a new battery too. I wouldn't run it in this condition, you may fry stuff big time.
    I have seen generic aftermarket reg/recs and they are good value compared to Honda parts, but the choice is yours. They certainly can't be any less reliable..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. checked it again, similar reading as before around mid 20's.

    What do i do to get in to see where the reg/rec is?

    And what do i need to do to replace it?

    (any guides that detail how to do it? have looked but can't find anything)

    don't want to stuff anything up further :(

    Thanks, Luke.

    If it helps; its a CBR250 1989
  8. We could tell you, but I think your best bet is to buy or obtain a workshop manual now. It wil be much easier to understand than vague net descriptions, and you will learn a lot about your bike from it.
    However, you will need to take plastic off your bike to get to the regulator, I am not sure exactly where it is located on your bike, hopefully someone else will post.

    Regards, Andrew.