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CBR250r Cosmetic Mods?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jessbolden, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently snagged a mint condition 2011 cbr250r in black that I was keen on adding my own bit of flare to, without modifying the power of the bike, focusing purely on aesthetics.

    I have grabbed a bunch of sale item extras that I'm hoping add the extra dimension to my bike, and make it that bit unique... If there is anything further I can add, or think I have missed, please let me know!

    Purchases so far:

    - Reflective rim tape
    - Oil cap
    - Foot Pegs
    - Bar ends
    - Fork Caps
    - Tank protector
    - Adjustable levers
    - Valve caps
    - Handle grips

    I am hoping soon to also grab a double bubble windscreen in a darker shade, and see whether I can get someone to paint the heat shield black to match the bike.

    I saved a few dollars within my budget and thought "what the hell, might as well customise it!", with my girly instincts! I am also away next month for a course and will be saving even more then so I'm keen on getting my little black beast looking nice and schmick!

    The colour scheme will stay mostly black, with a few red pieces like rim tape and fork caps etc.

    Let me know what you think, and link/post pics of anything further for me to spend my spare time adding!

  2. You forgot:
    -rear seat cowl
    -fender eliminator
    -LED everything (headlights, blinkers, number plate light).

    Vinyl wrap looks good if its tasteful. I've seen a BMW S1000RR with metallic bronze on certain panels to give subtle contrast and looks amazing. Any graphics just looks silly IMO but it's all personal preference. Have fun customizing!
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  3. endogenous causalityendogenous causality Perfect! I'm thinking of chucking a rear seat cover on for a sleek look, and the fender eliminator for an even more sleek look!
    Mirrors are a part that I think I can leave till last and get some sick looking ones to match. Please explain the whole LED concept to me... Very unfamiliar... I can LED up my LAMS bike yeah? I also agree on graphics looking silly.
  4. You could Plastidip the wheels :) Just search You Tube for examples. Maybe red instead of pink like below.

    Pink wheels.
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  5. jessbolden - I'm not 100% sure on what lighting is legal and what is illegal. Indicators and number plate light should be legal to switch from stock to brighter LEDs (better visibility plus looks more modern) but headlight and brake light not so sure (also these two will be expensive mods) :-(.

    Q3Arena - I did not realise plastidip came in other colours! I just thought it was matt black only. Might start thinking of what I can do to my bike now lol
  6. endogenous causalityendogenous causality. Check out Dipmycar on You Tube!! Pearl, Metallic, Colour Shift, Matt, you name it!! They also have a new gloss top coat that is very shiny. The old "glossifier" they used to have gave a semi gloss at best.

    I love that jessboldenjessbolden could do her wheels metallic red and in 6 months time if she got sick of it, just peel it off like glad wrap :)
  7. endogenous causalityendogenous causality I might read up on the whole LED thing. I usually only drive during the day anyway so the LED idea might also wait until the fender and windscreen are all done. Q3ArenaQ3Arena What prices are we looking at to get both wheels done? I cannot believe I could just peel it off!!
  8. It's crazy isn't it!!

    Check this site out for some ideas of price. http://www.ozwraps.com/

    For example a car can be done for $600! So 2 wheels shouldn't be that expensive.

    A lot of people do it themselves. You can buy gear here: http://www.melbourneprodipping.com/

    This may have been covered on the forums before. Maybe do a search.
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  9. Insane I can get it done here in Melbourne. Will definitely dip my heat shield I think, then get a quote on the rims! Cheers!
  10. Just a word of advice. Go for it modify whatever you want just make sure you keep all the parts and anything which you do, that you can change it back very easily.

    I understand you wanting to modify it as you'll be keeping it for a while. But it actually devalues your bike unless you have everything available to put it back to standard.
    Don't paint anything.......plastidip you can peel off is fine. But custom paint jobs you'll struggle to sell and when you do it will be less than what it's worth.
  11. Thanks jonnymacjonnymac , it seems to be the one thing I'm all over. I prefer it's original colour state, and would only sell it in stock form. Plastidip would be the only "painting" choice I would make and I'm glad it exists! I've seen how paint and other irreversible jobs look, and I'm quite happy with the stock paint for that very reason!
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  12. Heated grips, silly geese. Massively improves riding experience.
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  13. Melbourne sucks with weather so count me in on this one!... Silly goose... Hahaha
  14. Would this plastidip stuff affect the weight balance of wheels or something?? And were you being serious in suggesting it? I like the idea of the glow in the dark stuff!! :D
  15. Smithy-IISmithy-II , plastidip is, even without me ever seeing or touching it, clearly an intensely light and paper-thin solution that supposedly dries into 1.5 lbs on a CAR... It is not about to add any considerable weight at all to almost anything you chuck it on!
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  16. Oh right, I didn't see any figures in the quick look I had. Wonder if I can find someone in Brissy to put it on and or maybe see some samples?