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CBR250R Bent handlebar

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by rohanmate, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, so I posted over in the welcome lounge to say hey, but i think this section might be a little bit more suited to my next question.
    I've come across a CBR250R ABS, on bike sales, the guy says they right lever is bent, a few scrates from a drop but right handle bar is bent?.. is this hard to replace or expensive to get a mechanic too? he said he has the replacement bar.
    Asking price is 3200 with 10 months rego.

  2. I had the same bike before I upgraded, very easy on both counts, if you are good with tools
  3. Just get the reason why the bar is bent. If he fell, any other signs of the bike being dropped? Fairing damage?
  4. Yeah it looks like its just been either knocked over or low speed drop, little bit of faring damage on the right but doesn't look like a slide to me.
  5. It sounds like it's just the clip-on that is bent. You'll be able to tell if it was a slide as you can take a look at the foot peg, fairings, tank, etc.

    Fairly easy to change. I just did the LHS on my Ninja. I had a mate help who was more experienced with mechanics, but no need to bring it in to a shop.

    Does he have another clip-on to give you? OEM will be pricey (maybe about $150 p/ side), or you'll have to purchase after market clip-ons, like Renthals which will be about $220, or you can probably find a cheaper brand.

    Try and get him to discount the price by about $200-300 for the hassle.

    If you bring it in to a garage, they'll probably charge at least one hour labour.
  6. Sounds like the 'signs' of a fall all make sense- as justin said, push for some discount. The add says always serviced at dealer- you could try and find out which one and contact them for some background info. Looks clean though.
  7. Reduce the price by at least the price of a new lever,
    nice bike all the best with it mate
  8. Yeah it makes sense that it was just a fall.. It says in the add he has another one to replace it with, so potentially i could just take it to the mechanics and just pay for an hours labor to get them to do it properly.
    I messaged the seller asking for some more information, seeing if it was okay to ride. Do you guys think it will be okay to ride home with it ? take into consideration I only have to learner course under my belt, no other riding experience.
  9. Also thanks for everyone else for their responces aswell.
  10. Yes, it will be alright to ride.

    It would only affect your U-turns since you'll have a poorer turning radius.

    When switching lanes, making turns, you're just pushing the bar on the side you want to turn in to, and you don't need much room to do that.
  11. Try not to be too 'emotionally attached' to this bike when you go view it. (Easier said than done). Be prepared to walk away if it does not feel right. Make sure you know the route back home and have plenty of time (not rushed) to take it slowly. My first trip was true ' sensory overload' so just be prepared and remember to breath!
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  12. Okay cool.
    Well if i do meet him half way its still a two hour ride, the only reason why im wanting to look at it is because it seem slike such a good price to me?... should I try and get something a bit more local or?
  13. I read your profile and you mentioned your 6'1 and 80kg's.

    Did you consider any other bikes?

    Seems like such a small bike for you, in my opinion.
  14. Yeah, I have actually, the only reason why I was looking at this one was because it seemed like a good deal.
    I've considered the cb400, ninja300, gsx650f but that might be harder to find one in my price range, probably up to about 4.5k would be my max at the moment unfortunately.
    I was considering the gs500's but i dont really dig the styling and it would be good for it to be fuel injected
  15. I would suggest putting comfort higher up ya priority list. I started on the wrong bike for me and my riding got a lot better, a lot quicker once I changed bikes. Mainly cause it wasn't a chore to jump on and go for ride, and I could ride for longer due to being comfortable.
    Is there a way to test ride one that is a bit closer? Just to make sure your comfortable and can fit
  16. In Vic the seller has to provide a RWC in order to transfer a registered bike to a new owner. I doubt if a bike would pass a roadworthy with a bent handlebar.

    What's the story in NSW?
  17. Given that you will probably only have the bike for the duration of your LAMS restrictions, I'd probably put functionality ahead of styling...JMHO
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  18. No RWC needed in NSW.

    It"s actually very easy to sell a vehicle in NSW.

    For the seller - Just sign the rego over, and keep the portion with all the buyers details and jump online to fill out a Notice of Disposal.

    For the buyer - Have the signed rego slip with sellers details, go into the RTA to pay duty and officially transfer the rego to your name and you're done.

    Wouldn't have to worry about pink slip (RWC) till it was time to renew your rego.
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  19. $4.5K for a LAMS bike is a decent budget. It may be hard to find the CB400 and GSX in that price range though.

    It seems to me that you like the sport bike style and I may get flamed for suggesting this bike, but for a guy your size, and considering it will only be temporary till you get your fulls, I would seriously consider the Hyosung gt650R.

    It looks good, it's cheap, and the build quality is no longer as bad as some people make it out to be.

    When Hyo's first came to market, they truly were POS.

    But now they've had some time to work out the kinks, and for you the bike will be a lot bigger and more comfortable to ride…just a suggestion anyways.

  20. Yeah i think its been moving towards that way aswell, brain wants what the heart doesn't... haha

    I actually looked at those, but didn't want to get to cheap out and get a less respected/less build quality bike just for it to be bigger, but if it functions better for what i need maybe ill have to.
    I do like naked bikes aswell though