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CBR250R 1989 Wont start :(

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Indy, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. HEY, first time posting here looking for some urgent help;

    CBR 250 1989 make, pretty much wont start,

    starter button barely goes sounds like battery has died in the ass completely,

    cant even get it going push starting it.

    I checked the battery a few days ago while bike off (cause i couldnt start it) was sitting at 11.5 V, and a few days before that when i eventually got the bike to start i was testing to see if the reg/rec had gone (i think my multimeter may have been off when i checked it but replaced battery in that now) anyway, it was @ 5000-6000 rpm and got a reading of around 20 V which seems bad.

    It backfired a few times as i last tried to start it, and whilst push starting it the engine would like flutter a little than die.


    any help before i cave and take it to a mechanic would rather not have to spend the $$ but need bike fixed this week :(

  2. Where abouts are you. If people know where you are they might be willing to help..
  3. probably the voltage reg - they are a common problem on CBR's
    20v i wouldnht think is good! - The Reg should be limiting he volts to about 13-14
  4. Depending on how long the reg/rec has been faulty (and yours definietly is putting out 20v!), it's probably destroyed your battery also.
  5. I had an '89 CBR 250 a while ago with the same problem. Took it a mechanic and he tuned the carbies - bike started without probs after that.
    So I'd recommend a mechanic to look at it. BTW, if it doesn't start after the first few goes, you need to stop otherwise you WILL fry your battery.

    I had the exact same bike and spent over $1,500 trying to sor the problem..basically it was the fuel pump failing and the battery not geting enough charge because of the absolutyl rubbish reg/rec. Replace both of those and get full proper service and you will be ok. On these bikes those are the 2 most common problems......fule pump failing and reg/rec.....check the wiring for it to see if it's burnt or coroded. Tuning carbies won't fix the problem, just make your bike run better till it dies in the ass because it's being starved of fuel by a faulty pump. Also...don't be afraid to just take it to Honda and get it fixed...only cost me about $500 all up, including a service.

    awsome suggestion, i'm currently having the same problem, though i just got mine :(, I think my problem is just the battery though it doesn't seem to want to stay charged, charged it for a couple of hours last night & it seems to be starting fine this morning, i'm gona bring it back to the dealer & have them change over the fuel pump & the battery thank god for the warranty :D, i'm poor lol
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