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CBR250 V 180SX

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iubadat, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Hey all, my mate claims he will kick my ass in his 180SX turbo, he said he is runnung 28 pound of boost. i got a CBR250 RR. he is willing to put $300 on it. will he kick my ass?????

  2. most likely....

    ive got an fzr 250 which is pretty much the same. and its probably just as quick as a commodore.

    something with a worked engine in a car you probably need atleast a 600
  3. denote the 300 to the forum for asking a stupid qn.

    or give it to him...what do i care
  4. i Kicked his ass before, but he was runnung 20 pound boost
  5. Lol 28lbs of boost, i find that hard to believe unless he has a very worked engine with a large aftermarket turbo. None the less even if its a stockish ca18 i still dont think it will have much trouble beating you, lets face it. 250's are slow. :)
  6. Stock it would be pretty much even so it would come down to who knows how (and actually gets) a better launch. But if its worked, the car will win, assuming he's not an idiot.
  7. do us a favour and ask him the specs on his engine.

    28lbs of boost is ... well simply amazing.

    or so I just call [cough]bullshit[cough/] now?
  8. maybe he meant he was running 28psi in his tyres?
  9. 28 psi!! LMFAO I almost spat on the screen!!

    That must be one serious ca or sr motor in that bowl of rice! Can you give me a rundown of the parts he used to allow the little engine to ingest that much boost?

    Either your mate is a gaygardener.

    or you just got robotowned.

    28 psi lol lol lol
  10. He is claiming 10.2 sec QTR mile, hmmmmmmmmm
    last time i draged him i was 50m ahed of him, but as i said he said he was running 20 pound boost.

    he might kick my ass after 120 km/h but there is no way he would get me b4 that.
    but i dont know much about boost n stuff so if what he is saying is true and he can run 28 pound of boost, would that 8 extra pound make a dif??
  11. A 10 second 180 would require HEAVY modification.
    I drive a Skyline R33 GTS-T milidly modded. I wouldn't even bother trying to race a 250 with it, the skyline would win easy.

    But a 180? They LOOK fast but really, the SR20DET's in them are fairly un impressive without hevay mods.

    If his claim of 10.2 1/4 mile is true, well then your going to loose $300
  12. if it's the usual 180sx with a front mount intercooler, full exhaust system, 16-18psi and a re-tune, it will hand you your arse on a 250, and give most 600's a scare (i didnt say beat) up to about 120km/h.

    if it's a stock 180sx with a pod filter and a cat back exhaust (like most fully hektic brothers in their 180's), it'll probably hand you your arse still, pending driver skill.

    facts, the first will probably run low 12's with a good driver. the second will run mid 13's. your cbr would be lucky to break into the 13's with a good rider on it.

    you will loose your $300 if said 180sx is running 28psi boost and capable of a mid 10sec pass. if it has run a mid 10, most 1000cc bikes would be in trouble, since a normal rider of average skill can barely get into the 10's on a 1000cc bike.

    u should post up some details of the 180 in question, since there's probably 5 in the country capable of 10's, it would be well known.
  13. Well it's a tough call. The CBR is 12% more fulli sick, however the 180 is 18% more hectic bro. So it really depends on what sort of Levis you're wearing on the day as to the final result. Beware the driver that wears their cap backwards for they have mastered the art of aerodynamics.
  14. Exactly my thoughts. Very few street-driven 180's capable of a 10 sec pass, and it would be either very-well known, or an extremely well kept secret! :shock:

    If his 180 doesn't have a roll-cage though, i'd be doubting his claims. faster than 10.99 requires a cage, 9.99 requires a chute. Regardless, it wouldn't take a HUGE amount of modification to an SR20 to hand you your arse on a 250.
  15. lol knob trolll

    can i have the 300 please? atleast I won't waste it on a stupid bet, I have a bike to fix
  16. Well, im only raceing him till 120kh. as i said last time i kicked his ass sideways, ill keep you guys posted
  17. Fit a fake blowoff valve to your bike, it'll give you an extra 50hp at least ;)
  18. and NOS stickers
  19. The CBR250RR will do 0-100 in around 6-7 seconds if you are good. Thats a lot better than most cars. The official 0-100 km/h I saw was 5.1 seconds but I find it hard to believe.

    Race him to 80, the CBR250RR will really be running out of puff at anything over that.
  20. That was a pretty heavily modded 250 with a decent rider. A normal CBR will do it around the 7 sec mark with an average rider.

    ? Your just starting to wind up second gear at 80...