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cbr250 tyre pressure settings?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by livingstonest, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I'd like to check my tyre pressures and keep them at the optimum for a cbr250 however on the dunlop arrowmax it says 41psi cold and in the manufactur's manual it says 32psi front/rear.

    Am confused which is it?


  2. Smaller tyres generally mean higher pressure.

    I run mid 30s on my tyres, so high 30s would be more appropriate for those tyres.

    It's never a hard, fast thing anyway, but low 30's would make it ponderous and more inclined to punctures.

    There was a time when car manufactures would reccomend low tyre pressures, so the car was more soft on the road. Maybe honda did it with bikes as well.
  3. hey,

    i've got a cbr250 too - and have the same tyres as you.

    i'm 68kilos and have both wheels at 30psi. On my car, i have it at 32.

    from what i've heard, the higher your psi - the less 'grippy' it becomes as your tyres dont get a chance to renew itself. in other words, having it at higher PSI means you save your tyres from wear at the expense of grip.