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CBR250 RR Kits

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LiLEd, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hey guys found something intresting for the Honda Cbr 250 rr. Looks a treat and they sell as a kit so anyone with a mechanical mind can do this. if i was ever going to keep a 250 i would do this. http://tyga-performance.com/site/product_info.php?products_id=895

    Anyone seen this before, if know if have to change my fairings im gonna change it to this.

  2. Wow! That CBR has a great arse! :shock: :grin: :grin:
  3. that looks awsome. Plus i hear that tyga stuff is good quality
  4. That does look sweet as.
  5. Totally sweet.
    Now if they have something for a zxr250. :p
  6. looks pretty damn good...
  7. Look decent, do they come in different colors? Too expensive for me anyway :(
  8. The whole kit was at the GP, in the Expo tent at the bcomponents stand.... the bike there was actually a cbr250rr all dressed up :drool:

    Love it, maybe i'll just get the raceglass version.... :twisted:
  9. My old wreck cibby is in my mates garage , maybe we could bring it back to life with some plastic sergury. :)
  10. It belongs to me now mate.

    but i agree, lets have a go, perhaps even turbo???
  11. Its not yours untill final payment. :) oh and SOOOO keen for a turbo job. Say off a charade, or off one of those smart cars? Bring it on.
  12. ok i'll do the plumbing you can get an ecu for it to run so we can lower compression and increase boost.

    Hmm, Pete allen springs to mind for this jobby.
  13. Keen, I'll talk to him on Sunday and we'll get Nic VS to make a custom exhaust. I'm thinking like the Buell system where it exits under the bike. :)

    This will be SWEET.
  14. Yeah sounds like fun, need to trackdown a wastegate......... we need a wrecked smart car.
  15. Yeah I guess they can't go fast enough to cause any real damage to the car, as for wastegates. I am sure that a turbo that small will come with the wastegate on it. Most standard turbos on cars have the wastgate integrated into the turbo. However because we would be using such a small turbo I don't think we will need to limit the boost, rather let it blow to full capacity.
  16. Sorry everyone else for hijacking this thread.
  17. Well that depends now, i'm gonna have to do some research here but i think a turbo off an old charade will boost quite a bit, i think there is a turbo kit flating arond for the bike, i'll let youo know.
  18. Yeah we'll just have to street fighter the cibby to the point that it will be faster than most 600s. :)
  19. That turbo seems rather big. And we would need a wastegate for it AND and intercooler, not just the piping.

    Still if we want to put 30 psi through a 250 engine, let's go for it. :)