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cbr250 rr exhaust.......... i know, i know

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by scotts RR, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    My name is scott and i have just got my 1st bike, cbr250 rr as u already know. I know this topic has been done, alot, but i cannot find the infomation that im looking for, and yes, i have searched, but got bored after the 1st 12 pages. Every body seems to be wanting to change their muffler to imporve sound and proformance, and i know that thats a good idea, and that ebay and the wreckers is a good place to start. but im not looking to just replace the muffler, i want to replace the whole system, as its absolutly poo. it looks like a home job, and i dont think it'd be doing to much in the way of helping flow. i have checked out a few recomended sites that were suggested on this site and came up witj nothing. nor does ebay have full systems. About the only place i can think of is honda themselves............. but i think that'd be pricey. Any help would be much appreciatedm and sorry for the repost.

    Cheers, scott
  2. Hey there. What is your main problem with the pipe and muffler?

    Full systems aren't really commonplace for the cbr250rr.. I'm guessing its not performance you're after but wanting something that looks good and sounds great?

    If so get your self some autosol metal polish (its slightly abrasive) and go to work polishing the pipes, should bring it up a treat. Then put a nice new spandangle muffler on it.

    Alternatively if the pipes don't clean up well, you can't find anywhere to get new ones, perhaps take them to be powdercoated or something similar?
  3. I like living on the moon how the wether at your place
  4. I think full system for a cbr250 is hard to come by. I have been searching around quite alot over the last 5-6months to put on my bike. I only found one. Other than that its just all slip-ons.

    All this time I have been looking around for performance upgrades and came up pretty dry. In brakes I found braded lines and rotors. For engine I found mostly only slip on mufflers. I didnt find anything else for performace wise for my cbr either...

    Im starting to look into actully custom modding the engine other than changing the components...
  5. You will be very hard pressed to find much in the way of mods for 250's. Not enough people bother wasting money on mods so there isnt a great deal around. For an exhaust you could try www.megacycle.com.au other than that, and i know you dont want to hear it, but save your money.. :grin:
  6. For anybody that is interested, i serched everywhere in australia and came up empty handed. I am left with 3 options, 1- buy a genuine exhaust from honda $1150, 2- get 1 custom made from an exhaust center $700 (not including muffler) or just leave the thing alone.
    hope this helps anybody else out in my boat.
  7. the best bet is to get the larger diameter standard headers from a wrecker - late model mc22's have smaller primaries.

    if you find a set, chop the collector off at the end of the primaries, and make a custom secondary pipe to fit closer to the swingarm (or a shorty) and get a muffler to suit your noise preference.

    if you want it all to last, get the headers ceramic coated.

    regardless of how you do it, it's still going to cost a few $
  8. Like Zippah said. Get headers from a MC19 (cbr250r) they have larger diameter tube and stick a straight through can on the end of it (or a shorty would look pretty sweet).

    Not sure if this would require a re-jet though. If you just put a straight through can on it should be fine but with the larger diameter headers I don't know.