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CBR250 R v. RR braking

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by stootles, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking at my first bike, for over 10 years I was not allowed. She's no longer stopping me so here I go lol

    I am looking at grabbing a CBR for the first 12 months. Looking over the spec differences of the R v RR the only item that is catching my eye as being a reason to go for the RR is the twin discs vs. the single disc on the R.

    Can anyone give me the word as to whether the twin disc is definitly better and if so how much better?

    I have search but did not find any discussions about the actual performance difference of the 2 braking systems.

    And no I still dont have my L's. Keep putting it off as I am a single parent and find myself a littl ehang over on the weekends I dont have my daughter. So I figure if I buy a bike I wont let it go to waste and will get my permit quick smart. LOL

    Thanks for any advice.

    Stewart :)
  2. For a learner the number one factor in braking distance is skill/practice - even a single disc will bring a 250 up to a stop as well as the tyres will allow if it's in good condition. In fact twin-disc could be a disadvantage, since it makes locking the front wheel much easier (which will likely end up in you dropping the bike and sliding into whatever you were trying to stop for).

    Although the differences between the R and RR is a lot more than just the rotors - they have different frames and engines as well.
  3. the second disc on the rr can only be utilised by pirates.

    Seriously though, theoretically the second disc will give better heat dissipation (only matters for repeated heavy stops) and give you longer between pad changes, but that's about it.

    there might be something in the models I don't know about however.
  4. Harley Davidson ABS. :roll:
  5. :? Eh? What's HD got to do with a CBR250
  6. Twin disc braking is better, but a single disc already surpasses the traction on the tire.
    It'll help you do stoppie's/endo's all day, if you're into that sorta stuff.
  7. Ok, forget the HD bit if it needs to be explained. Just leave the :roll: smiley there.
  8. Yeah I had a good look over all the differences. For a beginner I have the gut feeling that those differences will not feel any different for me. I mean, I have nothing to compare it to. lol

    These forums helped me identify alot of the differences and one of the links from this forum listed them all... and lets not forget wikipedia.

    The only item that had me wondering was the brakes. Was the only item I was really curious about as the wikipedia page for the CBR250 claimed that the first model had twin disc, then, they went to single and then back to twin. I could not find any reference to difference in braking performance.

    I only intend on keeping the bike for a short period and have a lot to learn before I will be comfortable putting myself in any positions where I will be doing alot of heavy braking, and again, if it is on this bike, I wont have any prelearn expectations on brake fade.

    The single disc sounds as though it will perform fine for a beginner.

    Now I have to make my decision lol having a good dose of scottish blood, I always seems to have trouble party with the stuff hehe


  9. Get the single R mate, I have one and they are just fine. Braking has never been an issue for me with the single disc. An R with good quality tyres will brake better than an RR with cheap tyres thats for sure.

    + If your only gona hang on for it while your on restrictions it will save you a bit of money as the single Rs are cheaper to buy.
  10. Dont stress the single disc, i had a suzuki across that just had a single front disc an it pulled up well enough for any learner.

    Just buy whichever model you can find thats the best condition/price.
  11. Thanks!!

    Thanks to all the responses. I went and had a look at an R, was happy with the condition vs. price element and loaded the beast up.

    Best thing I could have done because after 6 months of putting off getting my L's because I was too busy "playing" on the weekends I didnt have my kids I am about to ring and make the booking.

    Will go and pick the other essentials for riding over the weekend and hopefully be on the road within a few weeks.

  12. The number of discs on a bike do not necessarily equate to better braking.

    Theoretically, the RR should be able stop better from higher speeds, since it is designed as more of a sports bike, with sports riding as it's intent and therefore, design.
    Especially since the suspension and geometry are more suited to that style of riding as well.

    There's no reason why an experienced rider could'nt stop both bikes in pretty quick fashion, just that the CBR might likely be more of a handful under heavy braking due to it's softer suspension.

    For a learner, and as long as you don't push the bike to it's limits too often, you'll be ok with either as far as braking is concerned, IMHO.
    You'd be better to concentrate on what "Style" of bike you desire.