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CBR250 possible carby problem..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mat250, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. g'day everyone, just wondering if anyone out there can help me with a few troubles i'm having with my cbr250...?
    it has run great for me for the past year or so since i got it, but the past few times its not been such a smooth ride...it starts off good, but after a while, i begin to lose power, the engine wants out, and i think its just my momentum keeping me moving. i lose all acceleration, it seems as if im running off only 1 or 2 cylinders. whilst moving, it sounds a lot like its flooded a cylinder or 2, and when i pull over, the motor just cuts out. after this i generally have to wait about 10minutes or so before the bike will even start again. when it finally starts up it misfires for a few minutes then smoothes out and im good to go again.
    it tends to happen at higher speeds, although it did happen at just 60km/h today, but mostly when the revs are up or i am overtaking.
    i've read up on problems others have had with similar symptoms, and they all seem to come down to a lack of fuel, either the lines blocked or the spark plugs have had it...but i just dont think thats my problem.
    i'm thinking its a carby issue, but i dont really know a lot about the mechanics of my bike, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  2. gday.

    your bike shat itself because before you it was proably owned by 20 other L and P platers who also didnt know muc about mechanics and negleted basic maintance,

    Take it to a mechanic.
    or read this
    half way throu
    realise your in over your head then take it to a mechanic.

    do the revs stay up when it looses power,
    check that all your cylinders are firing when cold.?
    did u put premium in it?
    If you think its starving for fuel check that theres fuel in the carbs after it stalls.
  3. Check fuel, air & spark. These three things you need. Sounds more like fuel to my uneducated brain, but you never know.

    Find a service manual & give the carbies & fuel lines a good going over.

    Good luck! :grin:
  4. From what I can pick from the description, it seems to give out after you give it a bit of a good squirt.

    Friends Duccati did that, it was her fuel hose from tank to carby, it was kinked, and thus restricting fuel at higher revs (consumption) and the carby bowls would empty right out.
    May check that or the vaccume pump line or the pump itself, I dont know what to check for in the pump itself, so i'm guessing you may not either, but its a possibility.

    You could always hold a spanner night at your place (and provide beer ;) ) where you learn how to do the carby balancing and go over it while learning from the more-qualified. :grin:
  5. thanks for all your input guys...booga, you were on the money. was the same problem as your friends ducati. was a simple fix once i knew what i was looking for! much appreciated guys!