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CBR250 MC22 timing is off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by squidman, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hey, for some reason my CBR250 MC22 stalled out of nowhere, it was working perfectly before and now it wont start. Before this I replaced the spark plugs, took apart the carby and cleaned em all up and was running fine after it was all put back togther, then suddnely as i mentioned above it stalled out of nowhere and wouldnt start up again.

    my dad reckons its the timing thats gone off and i agree but what else could it be? and if it is the timing how do i fix it ???


  2. might sound silly but checked that the carbies have fuel geting to them?
  3. did you balance the carbs when you cleaned them???
  4. Yes fuel is getting to the carby because it does the occasional pop and gives out abit of flame, and no i didnt balance the carbies. im guessing thats why it stopped working :tantrum: what should i do ??

    EDIT - actually yes, the carbs were balanced, i thought they werent
  5. anyone? lol 8-[
  6. FWIW, when you think it's spark, it's fuel. when you think it's fuel, it's spark. timing is related to spark... so it's probably actually fuel.
  7. maaybe i should just buy a new cdi and plug that into the bike, hopefully thatll fix it
  8. please please PLEASE stop giving technical advice until you actually have a clue.

    it does sound spark related, but try to borrow someone else's CDI before you buy one, it's an expensive fckup if it's wrong
  9. yeah man that souns good i just gotta find someone generous enough to let me borrow theyr cdi from a mc22, thanks for that bro appreciate it
  10. where are you??
  11. sydney, mt druitt .. 5 minutes away from blacktown
  12. hmmm bit too far to lend you mine. sorry dude
  13. its fine bro thanks anyways!
  14. Maybe I have missed something but what is it exactly that makes you think your timing is out?

    You haven't done anything to affect the timing, so it seems unlikely that would be it. You played with the carbies so I am thinking that is more likely a culprit.

    However if you think it is timing simply check it and if not right fix it. Back to basics, do you have spark or not?
  15. I dunno why it may be my timing, my dad said he thinks it might be timing because when we pulled the carbie out we took it apart, cleaned it balanced it and started perfect after, then one day i went to start it and it started i gave it abit of revs and it stalled, after that it would try to start but wouldnt actually kick over, it gives the occasional pop from the exhaust and yeah we'v checked each spark plug and theres spark

    im still a newbie at this stuff my dads been riding for 30 years so obvioislyy im gonna take his word for it lol but yeah when i can find someone whos willing to let me borrow theyr cdi so i can throw it on mine and see if that fixes it ll be cheering
  16. If a bike won't start there could be endless reasons why. To analyse why you need more information about what it is or isn't doing. It's a step by step process. Do you have spark? then it isn't that? Do you have fuel? Then it isn't that etc.

    To simply choose a reason without cause is unlikely to be correct and if it is corect it is just a fluke.

    Go back and ask your Dad why he thinks it is timing? Don't just focus on a CDI unit because someone thought it might be. And do you have a workshop manual for the bike or did you look for one online? It will probably tell you how to test if it is that.

    Unless you can give a bit more info that helps a diagnosis here, it sounds to me like your best option will be put it on a trailer and take it to a mechanic.
  17. It wont be timing. I've never touched timing on a solid state jap bike and there is no reason for it to suddenly change.

    All of the above points to a leaning problem. Fuel lines, vacuum lines, and tank vent is your first checks.
  18. i see, im flat broke so i cant really get it towed to a mechanic so it looks like me and a mate are gonna end up pushing the bike to the local mechanic 5 minutes away :p thanks for the info guys