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CBR250 keeps dying in the butt.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NrKy, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. I've had my MC19 now for about 18 months now, and up until two months ago it was running perfectly fine. When she was new, it had problems starting in the cold, but since I had the crash and insurance repair job, the bloody thing starts absolutely fine in the cold.
    What I've noticed since then, however, is that there are a couple of sections of Princes Hwy that ALWAYS make my bike lose power (I guess due to the way I drive through them). I travel from the FTG Rd. entrance to Dandenong Road, then when I reach caulfield, I always get a huge drop in power. I usually gun it at the lights and change gears at the 9-10krpm mark, and down gear one gear at a time coming up to the lights (rather than what I used to do when I first started riding, which was kill off the throttle as I close off the clutch, then stop and downgear).
    I use 91RON petrol at every servo I go to, and I have never put premium unleaded or ethanol into it.
    After I got my bike back from the mechanics from the insurance job, I noticed that they had changed the direction the fuel tap handle pointed when open. (I used to have to make it point forwards when I got the bike, but then it'd have to point upwards after they repaired it).
    cbr250.com and alot of other forums basically said (to people with similar-sounding problems to mine) that the carbies were flooding and that they'd need to be cleaned. Given that it costs $400 bucks labour (!!! wtf, is that five hours work at 80 bucks an hour or something?!?) to do this, I'm hoping there's another solution, as I don't have that kinda money floating around (being made redundant sucks more than a lonely neglected housewife at a swingers party).
    Is it possible that the mechanic was negligent when repairing my bike and didn't put the fuel tank back in properly, or somehow it moved out of place during the accident and they didn't notice it during the service?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention what's WRONG with the bike, LOL!
    After a while (about 20mins) of riding it on princes hwy, the bike does the occasional lurch (like when the bike used to try to run when cold), but I can throttle it back into normality. About five mins after that, she completely loses power, regardless of whether or not I pull over to the side of the road and let her idle, or floor it in lower gear up to 12krpm. It then doesn't start again, either using a rollstart, or electronic ignition. It feels like it's getting a tiny bit o fuel in there, and gives me a little 'burp', but throttling it after that does nothing. ie. it won't start.
    It usually works fine again the next morning, after a few attempts to start her up, but if I try again within about eight hours of it losing power, she won't start.
    I don't get it, it's driving me batty.

    EDIT2: I tried some fuel additives a couple of weeks ago, the ones that supposedly "clean your fuel injection system"... uh huh... more like clean my wallet out. It made no difference whatsoever.
  2. there has been a number of mc19 owners lately whos bike just seems to run out of power. mine does too.

    check you fuel pump. several guys have replaced theirs with a low pressure pump usually from a 4 cyl car, which is probably whats in your bike atm. cleaning the electrical contacts make also help.
  3. Sounds like the fuel flow might be restricted, it is suspicious that the tap is working differently since the repair...I don't really get that, is the tap installed differently or is itr just not working properly? Does the tap have a 'prime' position? If so ,try running on that and see how it goes.
    You need to check the flow coming out of the fuel tap on normal and reserve to make sure there's enough coming through. If that checks out OK then maybe the fuel pump.