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cbr250 in yellow group at EC???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am planning my 3rd track day in as many month in Feb.

    Just wondering if the cbr250 will be ok in yellow group at EC.

    My 2nd track was a ball, got my breaking, lines, apex & exit pretty consistant & i was in the faster end of the group.

    The majority of the bikes were basically fodder getting in the way as they had their lines all wrong (that was me too on my 1st track day) - (there was one particulary large group of guys that didn't bother attending the California Superbike school briefing for newbies or listen to any of the safety briefing).

    Either way i got past most of them through the twisties only to get smashed down the straight & have to do it all over again, fun for a while but lots of work.

    Anyway i was hoping yellow group is more consistant but i dont wont to severly get in peoples way....

    so let me know if doing yellow group on the 250 should be ok.
  2. I doubt that....

    Just move up... it's what all pro's do after a few track days!
  3. Dont need to commit for a full day, just try a session and assess how you go. A tip might be making sure you're out first so that anyone who is going to pass you gets it over with and you should be right from then.
  4. If your riding consistently you won't really piss people off, u can't be more annoying than a motard
  5. People have a tendency to overstate their abilities and I suspect old mate is no exception, especially since in his own words fellow riders were pretty much "fodder" for him....

    Just my two cents..
  6. 'Consistent' can be as relative as 'fast' can be relative....

    Thanks for the helpful advise Conspiracytheorist
  7. Respi...in fact they were fodder apart from 4x other experienced riders, the fastest rider on the day was on a big bmw & the slowest on an R1 (its all up to confidence & experience),plus i overtook 4x big bikes twice under brakes alone & was told by a 675 rider that he saw my rear wheel smoking as i went past him in one of the long sweepers....i had a great day and had alot of supportive comments from other riders because i was doing well on a 250 and it supprised them

    I am not claiming i am awesome rider, i was as slow as all of these guys on my first track day because i had no idea where i should be on the track...just getting the correct line and breaking point improved my speed dramatically, and i know the cbr had could do alot more, yet i wasn't confident to push it even further & I am sure all those riders will come back alot quicker the next time around

    Just wanted to know whether other riders would be annoyed by a slower 250 in yellow group.....unless you in fact are a pro rider your self than there is no need for being such a troll
  8. ^^ I think Respi wsa making reference to the way that you OP was put - I could be wrong but I read it as being ever so slightly arrogant.

    In relation to your post, can't they move you up or down groups during the trackday?
  9. ............
  10. maybe fodder was the wrong word! i rarely do forums...i guess it should have been a one liner question and left it at that...this is not a paid help line after all
  11. Respi are Psychologist or ktm rider with baffles removed who goes around harrassing sports bikes?
  12. There's some motard baiting going on here, and nobodies bitten yet.
  13. ..........
  14. only found out what a troll is last week!!!
  15. Let it go mate....

    Just go out and enjoy yellow group :)
  16. no probs...thanks guys : )
  17. If you can hold a consistant line then yellow group will be fine.
  18. Speed differences can be very bad. There was an incident at EC recently where someone got rear ended on the straight. My advise is to hold a much tighter line exiting 12 and running down the centre or even left side of the straight. People are normally looking where they're going when they prep for T1 tip in. But don't listen to me, talk to the organisers at EC about it and follow their advise.
  19. Your right about the speed differences & thats my main worry, your supposed to trust the guy behind you because its their responsibility to pass safely.

    I will definitely try stay in the center after the final turn down the straight as they said last track day that they will be flying you to the hospital if you get rear ended there!

    Also I can reach 170 if i really tuck before dropping 2x gears & heading into turn 1 when i get back on the gas i guess i would be doing 140 coming in to brake for turn 2....no one passed in me in this bit in white group but i imagine yellow group riders would be going through there much quicker & this might be another potential problem area

    btw i was amazed how fast the 600s were passing me once they straightened up to head down the straight & then 1000s simply blew me away
  20. maybe u just got a very noob bunch in white group last time?

    i ride white group and usually see +150-ish through T1. 600cc.