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CBR250 clutch :S

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lord nykon, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. My clutch has been slipping on my CBR 250 under load (like riding hard with a pillion to start with, slowly getting worse) for a few weeks now. So I I got a clutch kit for it: fibers, steals, springs and gasket ect.
    Now ive run into a bit of a problem I’ve pulled everything apart as far as I can and ive got to the clutch basket (I think) and its got a bit of a weird nut on it...

    Im not sure how to get it off or what I have to do next it’s a little hard to explain I will try to up load a pic of it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, ide rather not have to take it in and pay for it to get done its already become a rather expensive project as it is...
    It’s a CBR 250 single R is that makes any difference

    sorry the pics arnt to good i only had my phone.
    ill try to get better ones when theres more light tomrow[/img]
  2. mate i cant really see clearly into the basket for what type of nut it is, but you need a clutch holder to hold the basket in place, alternatively you can just stick a wrench inbetween one of the spokes of the rear rim and the swing arm, and hold the shaft in place that way. this obviously isnt the prefferable way to do it.

    if it comes to need a special tool to remove the centre nut in the clutch basket, i can garrentee you it will be cheaper to pay the 1.5 hours labour than buying the special tool.
  3. From my notes you need an ordinary Lock nut wrench a 26mm (easy to make from an old socket and a grinder) But the special tool is needed to hold the center of the cluch... eather way the honda part numbers for the special tools:

    Clutch center holder: 07GMB-KT0100
    Lock Nut Wrench: 07716-0020203

    Proper tools make things SO much easier/faster and safer.