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Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Goob, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I was hoping I'd never have to write in this particular section but here goes:

    Red/Black CBR125r stolen from unit block in Blacktown, NSW on Friday 7th January 2011 sometime between 8am to 7pm.

    2007 model
    Red/White customised number plates "GI66"
    Ozzy knobs
    Red seat cowl
    Had the number 19 written on the left mirror which I hadn't gotten around to removing yet
    No damage at the time it was stolen

    Stolen a block away from the police station :( oh, the irony...

    If somebody sees it, I would really appreciate if you could let me and/or the police know. I beleive the right number to call is crime stoppers 1800 333 000.

    Thank you,

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  2. sorry to hear about it,

    i'll keep an eye out while i'm out and about
  3. Thanks heaps Mav! Argh I feel so heartbroken!!
  4. +1 me too Goob, people are ****s...
    Hope she comes back in one piece...
  5. that really sucks, sorry to hear. Any insurance?

    I wouldn't have thought that would be a high risk bike to be stolen, guess they are pretty light and easy to carry off...
  6. I've always considered learner bikes to be of greater risk of being stolen, since there's a lot of people out there wanting to get a licence who don't necessarily want to pay for something they only plan on using to learn the basics.

    Probably the same sort of people who'll then use their drug income or money saved living with their parents into their 30's to buy a brand new R1 to wobble about on (stealing other R1s to replace all the parts they break on theirs).

    Sorry for your loss Goob, hopefully the bike shows up without too much damage sometime soon.
  7. Thanks guys, I'm hoping she comes back in one peice and without too much damage too.

    Insured with IMR at market value so I lose about a grand on it unfortunately. Not to mention I parked the bike in with my car.. Bike's been taken around the side and scratched the car all along the left side. It's an old shitbox car but I have an emotional attachment to her as well so that really hurt too..

    One week now and no word.. don't lose hope, don't lose hope, don't lose hope...
  8. Sorry to hear about the loss.. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my pride and joy.

    I wouldn't be giving up just yet either, there is still hope :)
  9. Oh man, scratched your car aswell... that really sucks. Sorry to hear man, glad you atleast have some insurance though.
  10. Sorry to hear about the bad news. Any luck? any updates? looks same as my wifes bike. hope you get it back
  11. That sucks mate look on the bright side at least you can upgrade eh.
    Hope you get her back.
  12. shit go, sorry to hear. was this the cbr that's parked in the alleyway next to the post office? I park there too :(
  13. Hey guys,
    Still no news unfortunately.. I guess insurance is going to go ahead and start processing the claim now that the two weeks is up.

    No chance of an upgrade! I'm a little bit too small to climb onto anything bigger than that haha. Still on my L's so I would probably replace it with another 125r just so I'm comfortable learning on it properly. We'll see...

    Azamakumar - nope, never parked in the alleyway! It looked a bit too dodgy haha (not that it makes a difference now!). Hey, have you noticed they've just put motorcycle parking directly below the stairs that lead up to the station?
  14. I agree with trent, upgrade! You'd be surprised how many bikes you can fit on. I reckon go to as many shops as possible and sit on every bike. My gf was surprised to find the Ninja 650RL is actually lower than the 250R.

    Food for thought. ;)
  15. Yes, I had a CBR125 which I loved riding and which my husband wrote off for me (drove the car into it in the garage - by accident) - I upgraded to a Honda VTR250 - best thing I did and believe me you will wonder WHY you didn't sit on one of these before purchasing the CBR! Honest!! I am quite short and found it very easy to ride AND you can pick up a good one at a relatively cheaply. I sold mine this year and now have a older BMW F650GS - you think high - but not - I got lowering links from the USA and a friend fitted. Perfect.
  16. orly? tbh I'm still going to take my chances in the alleyway, too many knobs out in front of the station.
  17. I bet someone in your unit block knows or is the theif
  18. No way! I limited my options to the ninja 250 and the cbr because of my size. I guess I didn't even consider there were other bikes I could ride comfortably! Hopefully I'll be making a trip to the bike shops within the next few months.

    Haha I don't blame you at all!

    Yeah I think so too.. It's not actually my unit block so I'm not familiar with anyone there. They ALL just look suss to me now.
  19. Yeah never hurts to try. Just for a bit of info (maybe for others too), here are some heights of LAMS bikes*

    RS125 720 mm (28.3 inches)

    CBR125R 776 mm (30.6 inches)
    CBR250RR 735 mm (28.9 inches)
    VTR250 780 mm (30.7 inches)
    CB400 760 mm (29.9 inches)

    GT250r/650R 831 mm (32.7 inches)

    Ninja 250R 842 mm (33.1 inches)
    Ninja 650RL 790 mm (31.1 inches)
    Er-6nL 754 mm (29.7 inches)

    GS500F 790 mm (31.1 inches)
    Gladius 785 mm (30.9 inches)
    SV650 800 mm (31.5 inches)

    *info taken from www.bikez.com.au. All sizes are based on the lowest height (if adjustable). If not adjustable then it's the standard ride height.

    Good luck in your hunt! Try as many as possible and take some photos so you remember which is what and if you look cool on each one ;)
  20. Don't get the hyosung, it has a huge seat which makes it harder for your legs to reach the ground. CB250F and VTR250 are good places to start.