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Cbr125R, Yzf-R125 or a ninja 250R 08 model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kayfour, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Wow.. i had my eyes set on a CBR125R for a few months now, so i didnt go on forums or anything, but now reading about the yzf-r125 and the ninja 250R 08' model i am seriously confused on what to get as a first bike.

    (Ok i know some people are going to say 'get a second hand bike first!' but ive asked my parents about getting a bike and they said it was ok.. if and only if it was brand new. i dont know why they would take that approach but thats just the rules i gotta follow.)

    Anyways. i know the yamaha isnt out yet? (or is it?) and its gonna cost a couple thousand more than the honda.

    The question is, should i just aim to get the Honda CBR125R (about $5000 all together) or wait and save up a bit more and get the Ninja or the yamaha (i believe they are going to cost around $8000 alltogether).

    thanks guys!
  2. What state are you in? How long will you be keeping the bike for?

    If your in a state that does lams have a look at the GS500 or other lams bikes they're close to the same money as the Ninja250 but alot more bike and will keep you entertained alot longer.

    Personally I'd avoid the 125s, your going to get very bored with it in no time at all and want to upgrade. I bought an under powered bike for my first that struggled on the highway, and as a result im now on 650 after 4 months of riding and probably not enough ks under my belt. But I just got really sick of riding such a slow bike, and I couldn't justify buying another bike that wouldn't keep me entertained for long.

    Also remember there's the VTR250 and CBF250 hornet that you can probably buy new as well. Both are excellent learners, better than any of the three you listed by most accounts.

    Have you suggested buying a near new second hand bike from a dealer? Your parents may be happy with a second hander if the bike has some warranty.
  3. If the Yamaha really is selling for almost as much as the Ninja, I don't see the point. It's the same deal as the CBR125 with it's low power. It might have a fraction more, but it's heavier also. even if it's power to weight is better, my 200cc CBR look a like bike is probably similar performance for half the price!

    If you want to spend more money, the Ninja would be the go. If you want to go cheap, one of mine would be the go.
  4. I have the ninja man, Its a cool bike...... doesnt even really look like a 250... But if you are a bigger kid, height and weight wise.... I would be looking to get away with the learner bike as cheaply as possible because when the time comes I would say you will be ready to upgrade quite quickly.....
  5. Hi

    Hi there champ,

    If youre a big dude - get the 250/500

    if youre a small dude, keep your money get the CBR 125, ride around on it for a while and upgrade straight away.

    I ride the CBR125 now,

    And I am dying for the power, but in the meantime, I have a good, new, reliable bike, which is light and nimble, so it easy for me to learn,

    I take my test on Saturday, for the P's, after which the bike is (if i pass) sold on,

    I will be rocking up to Ducati on Tuesday following hopefully, I am getting in line early, I want a Tricolore... and yes, I have a deathwish.
  6. Buying new only makes sense if you keep the bike for a reasonable length of time otherwise you lose badly on depreciation - that'd certainly rule out both the CBR and especially the YZF (which would be just stupidly overpriced at 8k).
    The Ninja would be worth a look, though IMO you'd be far better off just waiting a couple of months for LAMs to kick in and go buy a GS500F for around the same price. The extra performance means you're unlikely to get bored with it as quick, and also helps with resale (since the GS also appeals to fully licenced riders looking for a cheap to run commuter).
  7. What state are you in? How long will you be keeping the bike for?

    Im in victoria right now and hopefully i will keep the bike for quite a while.
    For me, buying a bike is not really about going very very fast (ok maybe just a tiny bit) but its also about getting to know your machine. Because driving around in a car doesnt feel as exciting as on a bike as you are more close to the road and you can 'feel' the bike? I hope that makes sense.

    Can someone explain to me what is the "LAMs" (im not too sure as i thought every L's plater has to have a bike under 250cc) because i have not been reading up on recent changes on bikes.

    Im 175cm and around 63kgs so i think im not that big of a kid atm. I think after reading a few of the post ill scrap the yamaha, and go for either the cbr125r or the ninja.

    As i have not yet ridden on a cbr nor a ninja, can you guys compare it... car wise? So power wise, a ninja would be a... lets say tuned honda integra, while the cbr would be a stock civic?

    OH! one more important thing. fuel efficiency? How hard will these bikes kill my wallet?


    Good luck on your P's Shant
  8. 125 4 strokes are rediculously under powered unless you plan on keeping it for less then 3-6months, I can't even commute on one. If I was you i'd wait for lams and get a nice 400-650 bike.

    Also if I was you i'd get a mint second hand bike and just tell your parents it's new, it really is a really bad idea buying a new bike for your first.
  9. I bought myn fo 4,6, it will probly got for 4, - 3,9 lowest, absolutely no trouble with it and I ride it often, not far though,

    Its underpowered to a certain extent, but again its light and easy,

    My opinion is youre a fool if you worry bout power initially, learn to ride,

    Then go nuts, Like buying Italian Exotica nuts, (only for the mentally depraved.)

    My 2 cents - Dont waste youre money on a old bike, mint 2nd hand maybe,

    Mehh, a tank in myn is good for 200K's and its 1.60P/L here and it cost me like 12, 11 bucks most times.

    Power is like Hyundai Excel, Just enough...
  10. Under 260cc was the rule in Victoria but that's set to change in the middle of this year to the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) which is based on a power/weight limit - so larger bikes like the GS500 become available.
    Even though a GS500 might have a similar power/weight ratio as some 250s it has more torque and therefore doesn't have to be worked as hard - this is also good for fuel economy and reliability.
    In car terms the CBR125 is a tiny, 0.6L, non-turbo microcar with an elaborate bodykit - the Ninja is more like a 1.6 litre hatch. A GS500 on the other hand would be more like a 2L Corolla (simple, reliable, popular - but just a little bit boring).
  11. Your 2 cents is worth nothing and there is no way you're getting $3,900 for an old cbr125r considering you can buy a new one for that.

    Also your inability to write anything readable is truly a reflection of the cbr125r customer base :LOL:
  12. If your planning on keeping it for your whole restriction period deffinately rule out the cbr125. They are underpowered, the ninja is by no means a fast bike, but it has enough power that at least high ways aren't a no go zone.

    To use your car analogy, the CBR and YZF would be mightboys with body kits, a Ninja would be a corolla with a body kit.

    The ninja is the best of the bikes you have mentioned but remember its still the same old GPX thats been around for decades even if it does look nice.
  13. Without a doubt buy the 250 Ninja over either of these 125's. The 125's will be good for learning your first couple of months but after that I really don't see much use for one. Besides short commutes.

    At least the Ninja will be good enough for just about your whole restrictions.
  14. Thanks for all the input guys,

    i guess people think that 125cc bikes are not adequate for the everyday use?

    hmmm ok then now its down to 3 choices i think.. the ninja, the GS500 and the cbr125r

    Would things change if i was going to be using the bike around the city area? (in melbourne). i.e always slow traffic, never being able to go over 60km/hr.

    hahaha thanks for putting it terms of cars, i gets pretty clear then how different they are in terms of power.

    One last thing: Are any of them comfortable when a passenger sitting behind? I got another question then, when someone decides to sit in your bike, and they have no prior experience, would you let them just hop on the seat behind?

    I think the cbr would be very slow with 2 people on it?
  15. I commuted around 20km(Each way) on a 125 every day for around a year before upgrading, It can be done. The 125 is more than enough to keep up in traffic (And I'm tall (6ft2), and enjoy my food.)
    If I was to learn again I would do it all the same however. The 125 I had was naked, and thus did not matter if I dropped it nearly as much.
    The capacity does not matter NEARLY as much as the naked vs fairings.
    Honestly, For the first 6 months if you ride a 125 and want more power, You are riding for all the wrong reasons.
    Your first bike is to learn to ride, Something you won't do nearly as well if you are constantly opening the throttle in a straight line, Anyone can do that.
    Having a good safe and comfortable line in corners is more important than the speed you are going on a straight.

    The pillion wont matter, as you can't ride with one under restrictions for one year.

    You appear to be in Melbourne, so the GS500 is out (No LAMS).
    I wouldn't get a CBR125, but not due to the 'lack of power', but due to the fairing.
    I would talk to your parents again and get them to reconsider a second hand bike, The VTR250 is a very commonly referred bike for a reason and lots are sold shortly after people get off their restrictions.
    If not a new VTR250 or 250 hornet of which both are awesome bikes.

    Oh, and in regards to people saying the 125 is slow, How fast over legal speeds do you want to go? The one I had was over 20 years old but could still achieve 100km/h with little dramas, and I have a speeding fine for a little bit more than that ;)
    I was actually lucky, Any faster over the limit and I would have lost my license. All that ended up happening is I got a wake up call and a very large fine. I am actually glad I got it in a way.
  16. Got nothing to do with maximum speed, and everything to do with how quickly you can get up to speed, and more importantly whether you can accelerate out of a dangerous situation. This is why I recommended the GS500 (which will be legal by mid year). I'm sure most experienced riders on here would have at least one story of how opening the throttle helped them avoid being hit by a car.
    If you are only going to be riding in 60kph zones then the CBR125 should be fine, but I reckon you're going to want to venture further and join group rides long before your restrictions are over - and for this something bigger would be a lot more suitable (and safer).
  17. A clarification is required here:

    The CBF250 is the replacement for Honda's venerable CB250 basic commuter bike, and is available brand new. It is cheap, has a 20-something horsepower motor and has a drum brake at the rear.

    The excellent Hornet 250 is the "CB250F", and is a private ('grey') Japanese import and is not available new in Australia. As excellent a bike as it is, insurance companies charge like a mad bull for insurance because of its import status.

    As for carrying pillions... I haven't pillioned on any of the bikes in question, but I'll point out this instead:

    You aren't allowed to carry passengers on the bike until you have held a license for a minimum of 12 months, in most states. Learners-permit time doesn't count as a "license" for the purposes of this, so effectively you cannot carry a passenger for at least 15 months.

    Coincidentally that's how long it would be before you could 'upgrade' to a larger-displacement bike, if you wanted to. :) One possibly better for carrying passengers, if required.
  18. Yeah lets face it, you aren't getting this bike to carry anyone.

    Don't worry about people saying you'll drop it, you are in control of that. plenty of learners have not dropped their bikes.

    You will find the new style 125 single cylinder bikes very light compared to other road bikes, I would find this quite helpful and reassuring when learning to ride.

    Go for a ride, see what you feel comfy on, it's always said because it's always true!! as you are on a forum however, i'd say, my opinion is mixed. i'd personally like a cool light weight bike that looks awesome and is really cheap and cheap on fuel... then i also enjoyed my time on a 18,000rpm screaming fzr. so depends what you are after.

    as always, keep an eye on my 200cc bikes which are quite similar to the other 125 single cyliner bikes :)

    one step closer to compliance yesterday.
  19. went and looked at one of the ninjas the other day, they are ugly as hell !
    the dash is very wide due to the bad placement of the dials, wasting space.
    the tacky carbon fibre looking stuff above the headlight is crap too !