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cbr125r speed limits?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Darren, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. hey could a cbr 125R sit on 100 kph comfortably? thinking of getting one but not sure if they are suitable for freeways/highways if i wanted to use one?

  2. Hi Darren,

    The CBR125 can sit on 80-90Kmh comfortably... 100kmh is easily achieved, but i think it drops off abit up hills or with a strong head wind.

    I know someone that had theirs up to 125Kmh recently, and he said there was room for a little more.

    I guess it might also depend on your weight...?
  3. It'll get there but, being that you'll be using every ounce of power, you'll have no reserve to get out situations if needed. This, to me, makes it an unsuitable bike for highway travel.
  4. Had a brief ride of one a few days back. Will pull around 120kph, if lying flat on the tank...but slowed to 100kph as soon as you sat back up in the normal riding position. Personally I think they are very underpowered. Get a 250...or a pushbike.
  5. I took mine down to Bendigo from Melbourne and back via the freeway, it was quite happy doing 100 / 110 except when going up any hills where it would drop to about 90km/hr

    However going up Big Hill it could barely manage 80km/hr

    I would decline getting a CBR125 if you are doing more than 30 mins freeway travel, as it just doesn't quite have the oomph

    Oh and I have got mine up to 125 and it had more it could do (but I am only light 50kg)
  6. thanks guys appriate it , makes me a little better about going on freeways
  7. Have you checked the speed against radar or another vehicle with a known good speedo?

    Our NSR150 which uses similar instruments and speedo gearbox and wheel size is nearly 15kmh fast at 120 kmh. It's about 10 kmh fast at 70 as well...


    Trevor G
  8. What it 'can technically' do and what it 'can comfortably' do is a HUGE difference.

    My zzr CAN do '170', but for a speed it can consistently do, its more like 130.

    As others have said, if you're going to regularly go on the freeway, if its any more than 5-10kms, I wouldn't consider a 125 for a second.
  9. Are you saying the speedo is saying 120km/hr when its actually doing 105km/hr? or are you saying when its saying 120km/hr you are really doing 135km/hr?

    I found when my speedo was on 110km/hr I was keeping up with traffic quite comfortably, the CBR125 only started to struggle on Hills
  10. Yes, because all speedos have % error wrong.

    Kawasaki's are often up to 10% wrong, so 100 is actually around 90-92, 110 indicated is actually about 100. The % wrong varies from bike to bike. I know my dads commodore is actually about 1% the other way, so 100 indicated is about 102. On the way back from canberra, him riding my sv650, he thought we were doing 110 the whole way.
  11. Yep! That is the exciting but unfortunate truth.

    The NSR seems to be going a lot faster than it is, according to the speedo. ;-)

    Trevor G