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CBR125R servicing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by glowstix047, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. So my bike has finally hit the 12000km on the odo (well 13000 to be exact) but im pretty sure im meant to service it right about now. I know its due for an oil change, air filter change and check up on other fluids like front and back brake fluids, coolant. but im not sure what else im meant to do... any suggestions?

    i know i could take it to the shops and get it done but i just dont really have the cash lying around so im trying to cut back a bit haha

    Thanks in advance
  2. What's needed should be in the handbook or service record it came with.

    Realistically, though, an oil and filter change, valve clearance check and an air filter clean covers the basics, along with a good visual check over for obvious faults. I'm assuming you've been keeping on top of chain and tyre maintenance.
  3. yups, i try to clean my chain every 1000km like the book says :)

    edit: also what would i use to clean the engine oil strainer? or would it just be easier to replace it?
    and around how much would a new air filter cost? the local honda dealer has a funny way of pricing things =/
  4. Dunno what the little CBR's oil filter looks like, but I'd be very surprised if it was a cleanable design in this day and age. More likely a paper element jobby that needs replacing.

    Not sure what an air filter would cost. Again, I'm not familiar with the specific bike.

    However, good savings can be made by buying non-Honda parts from your local motorcycle accessory shop. For instance, I get Japanese made (ie decent quality) non-Suzuki oil filters for my DR for about half what Suzuki would charge me. I'd expect air filters to be similar. I'm not sure about outlets in the Eastern States but in WA a good bet world be Total Motorcycle Accessories in Vic Park.
  5. Fair enough. Looks like the strainer in my old C90 (which indicates to me that the CBR engine design is pre-Cambrian in its origins. Does it have a centrifugal filter in the crank too?
  6. off topic a bit but still in need of an answer
    i bought and installed a 'yoshimura' pipe for the 125 a while back and this weekend this arrived, apparently it was lost during transit and was suppose to be int he package my exhaust was in. any idea what it is or used for? or how its used/installed?