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CBR125r Rider from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dewy, May 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, been lurking these forums a little bit and thought it was time to Introduce myself and get involved a little.

    So I am Andrew and 19, I live in Lake Macquarie which is essentially Newcastle on the NSW East Cost, I currently ride a '07 CBR125r in RED, I did my Learners Course a number of years ago however my licence lapsed before I could buy a bike, so I got my licence again, bought a Loncin LX250PY from a mate and rode this for a while until an issue arose with it (breaking down on throttle) which I have never gotten around to fixing. So with the Loncin off the road for a while (was primarily used for riding to and from work) I spent a lot of time in my tin top. I went out and splashed into an RX8 which i shortly realised was just stupid, so selling it I purchased a new astra and just two dates later I came across the CBR125R with only 700km on it for a great price so I happily purchased it, in that time the astra has only just made it to 2000km and the bike is now sitting at close to 5000km, my choice of transport is quite obvious here. I use the bike daily to commute to the gym and the odd shift at my very-casual job. I had luckily been able to make it alone to a ride with CCSBR which was a blast, but for the most part I ride alone/with cars. I am now on my P1's (could be on opens by now :-( ) and have until next march until I can progress along.

    I am really enjoying the opportunity to learn to ride on the bike, and still have much to learn on it, however I look forward to making my way onto more bike cruise/meets and eventually moving to a bike with a little bit better throttle response, my bike is pretty much on/off with that.

    Anyway thats about all I have to share for now, anyone local to me keen for a cruise/coffee some time?

    My bike along with a mates RS125R @ Wollombi Hotel

  2. welcome mate :)
  3. Welcome Dewy.
  4. Welcome Dewy!
  5. Hi Andrew - welcome! :)