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cbr125r purchase

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by roysrun, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone im here to seek direction.....i pretty much just got my l's and ive had a look at a few bikes.....i looked at a 2011 honda cbr125r took it for a ride felt great its six months old and looks to be in very good condition well looked after....only done 2000km's..the person selling wants $3700 would this be a good purchase for a learner looking to ride to and from the train station and run around in\cruise to the city or beach

    ny advice would be appreciated it sounds like a pretty good deal but a wider opinion would help :)

  2. As much as I would try to convince any new rider to get a smaller bike, I'm not so sure the 125 is gonna be enough in the long run.

    I say this because my '11 250R is gutless and I do regret financing it.

    However if you've got the cash available and you really like the 125, go for it!

    But maybe test ride a couple other bikes first, if you can, just to be safe.
  3. get a 250 at least, if you are confident enough go for the cb400, more weight though. I wouldnt recommend a 125, too light, you struggle on freeway speeds. Mind you for what you want [but rides will come up and you will wanna join in]
    Can I ask, why 'to and from the train station'?? Why not ride the bike instead of using the train?? get down to sat morn prac sessions, theres one or two that ride them, get first hand experince responses
  4. How big are you?

    Very few people here will recommend a 125, maily because the lack of power seems like a good fit in the beginning it will become frustrating in no time, not to mention you inability to power out of certain situations.

    Resales sucks too...
  5. Get one second hand. Then when you get bored you wont lose much.

    Hmm you are getting secondhand. Ok then just get a good price. If you dont like it resell it. Thats the best bit about bikes. Buying and selling is cheap.
  6. hey guys after much deliberation, i bought the bike not heeding some of the warnings of the bike not having enough balls....
    it is pretty much a show pony of a bike looks great makes a fair bit of noise, however ive been on two extended joyrides/learning sessions and i dont think i enjoy myself that much very often like i did when i took it for a ride. for a learner like my self the lack of go the bike has might be a good thing especially with a speeding record like mine -.-
    thank you for your advice this bike is awesome fun and im sure when i upgrade itll be the same story but this should keep me happy until i pass my provisional test :)
  7. I wanted a 125r for a while too, then I figured that pretty much every other honda 250 on the market would be a better choice.

    Oh well that's enough cbr150 knocking, enjoy being on two wheels. :)