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CBR125R prices

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum *wave* and have read a lot of threads with heaps of useful info already, so thanks!

    I have my pre-learners test next week :grin: and I've pretty much decided on a CBR125R until I'm off my P's. It's not too fast, seems decent for learning and a good commute bike. I'm only going from Chatswood to Glebe and *maybe* to Wollongong once I've built my confidence/skill up a fair bit.

    My question is regarding prices.. I had a look at a store in Sydney and the said $5,000 if I get it this month (cause of the cashback thing). Is this about normal? I only ask because an Australian website I found mentions that it's only $3,990. (First google result for CBR125R - sorry I can't post links yet). Would they be adding onroad costs/rego or something else to that price to get it to $5,000? or they're just trying to hustle a newbie? ;-)


  2. $5000 is about right. I was quoted $5,400 plus $300 cash back (valid till August 31st).

    Yes the bike RRP is $4,299 then there's the $300 cash back but there's also on road costs. Dealer delivery, registration, tax (and whatever else) apparently will cost ~$1100.
  3. Dang you guys in NSW get jibbed.... in QLD, the bike is $4800 on the road ($3990 + ORC)....this way the dealer recieves the cashback on your behalf, so you only pay $3990 not $4290 and stuff around trying to get your money from Honda....

    As for the Cashback being till the end of the month, well, thats what they said in July.....and June.....and May.....
  4. Damn, guess they must be more expensive in the city. My bro just bought one - $4300 after $300 cashback. Black and Red.
  5. Welcome Nick! :grin:

    Good little bike your opting for there!

    We didnt do it when we got Starlets bike, but i would try and hit up the dealer to give you the cashback / discount straight away and have them claim it from Honda like what Tubby is suggesting happens in QLD.

    Good luck with it all.
  6. Thanks for the replies and welcome guys!

    The dealer said its $5300 next month without the cash back.. would that assume that the 5k price is already with the discount? it's all very confusing as a newbie :)

    I'm guessing if it includes on road costs then it's an OK deal?

    I may print out that article I found and bring it to them.. I am aware this is north sydney and not the cheapest place to buy stuff, but don't know of many other places around here (chatswood area).

  7. Lane Cove Sydney City Motorcycles may be another option for you - Thats where we got ours (of course by ours, i mean starlets :p ) and the guy there Andrew was really helpful.

    You get the $300 back when you post in the warranty card or something like that.

    You cant really go too wrong with prices for this bike, i dont think it is going to vary that much, but id say yes, if you get it for $5k with ORC you've done well!

    Let us know how it all goes and if you do manage to get one, dont forget to post some pics!! :grin:
  8. jus remember prices never go up,, if u agree on a price with a sales guy an he says it inly lasts till then, u go bak in after that date an say i wana pay this an he says cos of cashbak thing jus go fine cya later i dont want it ill go elsewhere, he will sort it out for ya. If they can do one price one day they will do it the next
  9. Andrew is the guy I spoke to! Lane Cove is the store I went to :) he said $5,000 earlier tonight! I'm guessing with ORC (hey I know what that means now :p) then i'll put a deposit and hope all goes well next week on my prelearners :D

    He also said he'd get me a blue one from their other store (they had about 30 red ones but no blue :/). Starlets photos on this site is what made me want to get the blue one in the past few days of my lurking ;-)

    Thanks heaps! will head there tomorrow morning. :D

    Did you also get the beginner maintenance course there as well? :)

  10. :dance:
  11. Hmmm sounds familiar, but not too sure, maybe thats a sweetener for you!?!
  12. It was $5k on road, so deposit placed! pending getting my L's next Friday. *dance* :D

    Can't wait :grin:
  13. Gratz. The excitement must be killing ya.
  14. My friend is doing the exact same thing, he's getting the new Honda CBR125RR, in a fortnight or so.

    I seriously considered it and still am to some degree. I am gonna save up and buy my Honda CBR250RR, at the local Yamaha dealer for 6k on road, I work at maccas and have 1k, i need another 5k.

    I have also considered 2 Stroke 250cc's and under as a first bike, still not sure. Mainly the Suzuki Gamma 250, they are real hard to find but :-(.

    I truly understand the value of money, it takes ages to earn, and can be used up in the blink of an eye. :-(

    Hope you have fun with the 125. :biker:
  15. Thanks guys :)

    Matt you make an interesting point and I guess I'm lucky I've only considered getting a bike at this age (24) compared to when I was younger, it must be hard :/

    I guess it does pay to get to Uni and get a good job, then you can have disposable income you can put towards your passion!

    Keep working hard, the bike will be that much sweeter when you do get it! :D
  16. hahaha yeah thanks nickt,

    the bad thing is i have had a taste of motorbiking but cant do it again for a while, well till i hop on another bike :)

    I got my P's 2 months ago, I did Q-ride im in QLD. So i gotta have 250cc and below.

    At Q-Ride i got to have 3 days on a Honda CRF250. God it was great, so much fun on two wheels, but when I explain to others they are like "Huh, why do you like motobikes so much?" or "I like cars more than bikes" its really sad :mad: . Sometimes if the uni lectures get boring a pull out a Two Wheels or other motobike mag and start reading. hahahah

    But here at netrider everyone is passionate about bikes thank god.
  17. Who did you do your Q-Ride Through and when....
  18. I did my Q-Ride with Ride Smart motorcycle training.


    It was really good. It did it about 3 months ago now maybe more. I will write an Epic story about it one day, like I did with my scootering at the gold coast, which is somewhere in the scooter section. It got 1000+ views which was cool. cant find the link for that at the moment oh well.
  19. woah you guys have paid heaps for the cbr125, i got it for $4300 ride away price
  20. yay for north sydney tax :p