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CBR125R - possible to change to fatter wheels?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cafepk, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I'm a new guy ready to get his first bike and pretty much set on getting the CBR125R. Just a quick question about it though if anyone can answer me.

    The wheels are awfully skinny and I think the bike would look much better with some fatter rims and tyres. Is it possible just to get some fatter rims and slap them on or is there some modification involved?

    I don't really wanna mess with the handling or dynamics of the bike however and not sure if changing the wheels will offer better grip or maybe make handling really bad?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I don't think you should, Honda designed it with those tyres in mind and I would have thought it could mess up the handling badly if you were able to some how fit fatter tyres on.
  3. If you're doing it for looks.. then thats just stupid :p

    Try to find some cbr150 racing forums, they'd know what works.

    But yes, changing the wheels and tyres WILL change the handling. Whether its positive or negative is up to choosing the right wheel to match the bike..
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  5. I believe you can get a slightly wider tyres. a 130 and a 110. I have heard the sizing is odd and not many people make the right ones

    Im not sure exactly, but look on the Canadian CBR125R forums http://www.cbr125r.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=1127, they will know more.

  6. thanks for the comments guys.
  7. With all that power at your command why not add some extra wieght :p
  8. Yeah release the beast, u should pimp it will be awsome
  9. :shock:
    I take it you've never ridden a CBR125R

    :wink: :LOL:
  10. 130 and a 110 size is not bad, thats the same size on my FZR250
  11. And bigger than what's on my 750.
  12. I suggest you learn to ride it the way it was designed first.
    Put extra cash into professional tuition.

    Pimp it if you must but your money would be better spent elsewhere.

    My 2c worth :wink:
  13. cmon i wana see a pimped 125 it would be great.
    My mate on his pushie could keep up with my last 125 only uphill thou
    he always ovetook me downhill.

    Anyways u can make anthing fit if u do enough modding. New tyre drill some new holes in sprokets diffrent spacer move caliper mounts as long as it doesnt rub against the swingarm. But u can always get a bigger swingarm.

    And bam got your 160 on there.
  14. quick 'n dirty :LOL:
  15. Save the money and put a turbo on it.
  16. Having seen a couple of these bikes up close they tyres are very skinny. So much so I would almost be scared taking corners with any reasonable lean.

    The tires seriously look like there off a push bike.
  17. Just because they are skinny tyres doesn't mean they can't be leaned over well. I guess its the type of rubber that really counts :?:
  18. Go to any classic/historic bike race meeting and see how fast bikes can can go on "skinny" tyres. Or see if you can beat a good rider on an old Norton Commando over a winding road. Handling didn't begin when they invented modern radials. Profile and rubber compound count for more than sheer size.

    Leave the CBR alone. Honda might just have worked out what works best.
  19. Why not change same tire as 'Kymco Quaanon 125'

    cuz... Quannon is heavier than cbr125r.

    Also they look kinda similar.... and Enveryone says Quannon handles very well....

    It's also Leaner legal bike/....

    can i able to change to Quannon's wheels???

    they're also 17inch....
  20. Insightful. Thanks.