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CBR125R Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Levih, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering about a bit of a performance boost with a new exhaust.

    + I want it to sound like its a bike and not a lawn mower engine strapped to a push bike :p

    What would you recommend for an upgrade from a stock exhaust?


  2. As for sound, I have heard one with a can, imagine yourself locked in a big tin silo. Now take your forearm and do a big "raspberry" on it. This is in effect what the bike will sound like. A wet fart in a tincan.

    As for performance, meh, spend it on the LED indicators, you will probably gain more from the lower voltage draw.
  3. Zilly on these boards upgraded her exhaust with a Micron, very different sound, I've no idea if it helped with power but she's upgraded now.
  4. Yeah I'm not to worried about the performance, you can only milk 125cc to a point.

    But yeah i would like a nice sounding exhaust so cars can actually be aware that theres a bike around.

    Seeing im pritty new to this what brand/models would you recommend?
  5. Apply to exhaust. I cannot see how it will sound any worse than a proper "exhaust" for your "bike".

  6. Save your cash, exhausts are not cheap and you won't gain much if anything (sound or "performance") on a cbr125.
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  8. I have a Megacycle exhaust on my 150. It was expensive but man is it sweet sounding :LOL:
  9. A few Repsol stickers will add more power than an aftermarket exhaust.
  10. This one you can tune to your particular bike for optimum performance.

    (Yeah I ride a 150 - I have one too!)

    Edit: And my bike comes standard with Repsol stickers - no wonder I'm fast :woot:
  11. How do i remove the baffle. I seems to be welded inside?
  12. I've heard some with an exhaust and they're not too bad, interesting character in tone - kind of like ptwin but not quite...
  13. Gave me an extra 2 HP :grin: (it all ads up :grin: )
  14. Doubling your power is a good gain!
  15. kekeke
  16. Liq I notice you have Portal avatar, are you an avid gamer on Steam ;)?