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Cbr125 vs VTR250 No comparison really

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by yindypink, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. I finally sold my CBR125 and got a VTR250 :grin: :grin:
    As a completely novice new rider I was encouraged to get a CBR125. I did and it taught me a lot about riding. I now have a VTR250 and realise that I'm not as bad a rider as I thought!!! I really had to ride my CBR hard and now I can actually enjoy the ride. I have learnt what torque is compared to just "power" :wink: It has been an expensive lesson but I will remember it as such.
    So for any new riders considering a CBR 125..... DONT DO IT!

  2. Interesting observation and one that should be noted seeing as it comes from someone that has 'been there, done that'. Most who deem the fetus cibby as a waste of time have not actually gone through the process themselves. This post re-affirms what many have said it the past.

    .. however, some CBR125 owners seem to love em :?
    Each to his/her own I say.

    Congrats and enjoy the VTR \:D/
  3. I'm still sticking with "depends what you use it for" argument.

    I do a city commute, it's fine. (Though 3 months till my upgrade.. i'm sure my opinion will change when I get my gsxr750/zx6r/whatever I want by the time that week comes around :p)

    If you're hitting any kinda highway I would advise against it.
  4. Me tooo
  5. Shoulda read my review mate!

    When i come across someone who actually has motorcycling experience who owns and enjoys one, I'll take notice. Till then, it's a step through with a fairing.

    Glad to hear you've seen the light. I've ridden both, and you really can't compare them. The VTR is a quality bike - glad to see you made the right choice the second time around.
  6. I downgraded from an FZR250 to cbr125 and couldn't be more happy..
    sounds to me the OP just never learned to ride the 125 properly and is relying on power rather then technic..
    I enjoy the fact I have to hit the exact right line in a turn, the feeling of keeping the bike at its highest edge of torque output..
    I come home feeling like I have had a solid ride but thats excatly what I wanted out of a bike.. I can see if you wanted to have a relaxed cruse that this bike would offer you no satification

    Again, like everyone says.. there is a bike for everyone, congratulations on finding the vtr250!
  7. You 'downgraded'? Well I guess that depends on the running conditions of the FZR, 15yo suspension & tyres Vs brand new kit - I'd imagine that the CBR might feel a bit better through the corners. Same can be said about the motor too Last time I saw a rider on a decent (mechanically) FZR I was wowed.
  8. I live in a hilly twisty area and I will admit that a lack of technique was also a factor but not as much as I thought. Love the VTR and Im not scared to go out on a highway or ride to Phillip Island now. The ride is so much more enjoyable.
  9. have known a few who have and have had the little CBy. opinions are mixed, but riden right (not on a freeway) they are pretty good. are about 10 times more advanced than my bike. :wink:
  10. if one was looking for either the cbr125 or the vtr250 as a cheap to run daily commuter (60+ks per day/rain/hail/shine mostly in traffic), where speeds do not exceed 80+kms what would they choose? no preference on sports or naked but a choice between the two

    is the reliability on both models the same?
  11. vtr250, larger tyres, less to break in a drop and easy to fix after a drop....it's a no contest :)
  12. It's also more expensive, more thirsty, and not fuel injected.

    That said, I got a vtr 250. I imagine the CBR 125 is a great first step for petite people easily intimidated by bikes, but not for me. Sadly, if they realised a new 250 that looked like it I think I would have gotten one in a snap.
  13. I'm 6'3" and 90kg, and me standing over the CBR125 (because sitting would just be ludicrous) makes it look like a toy. I can understand the marketing pitch and reckon it'd be a top little city commuter, but for anything more than that I wouldn't look at it. As many have stated previously, freeway work isn't the little cibbers strong point.

    I do agree, however, that they would make a good first bike for the vertically challenged - saw a little chick that couldn't have been more than 5' on one and she certainly didn't have any problems with it.

    Anyway, horses for courses and all that.

    Cheers - boingk