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CBR125 vs Scooter upgrade?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Marmitemonkey, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Mrs Monkey is thinking of upgrading and asks this:

    I have had a yamaha zuma 50cc for nearly 10 years now- got it in Perth where on a car licence i could take it through the city and out for coffee, watch the sunset and have petrol stops whenever i needed them. was perfect for that.
    I moved to Sydney, where suprise, suprise had to get bike licence, which i did on a virago and passed, then went back to the scoot.

    Am now living in Bendigo, can't travel too far out of town for fear of running out of petrol and the fact it only does 50 on 100kph roads..., but have to say am rather nervous in the car-park lessons I've had on Mr Monkey's 250 beastie.

    I'm just over 5', weigh less than 60 k and the 250 is just too big and scary, but I want to be able to go out to places on the highway that are 50k or so away...

    Saw the CBR125 while shopping for his new bike, and think it might be the solution. Have read most posts on here about it, but still have few questions:

    1) how would they be to go out alongside someone on a bigger bike to get to places about 50 k away?
    2) how am i going to test ride, when even though i have had the licence for years, I haven't used gears recently and am scared of the bike i have access to for learning on?
    3) would i just be better off getting a bigger scooter (more money, less sexy?)

    thanks netriders -
    Mrs MM :) :moped:
  2. 1. Badly
    2. Go do some learning to ride courses at HART, stay upright, etc.
    3. After (2), go test ride a 250 with a lowseat height, try a vtr and a gpx, if its good or close to short enough, you can get it lowered/seat shaved.

    If you try that and just dont like bikes, I'd go for a 200 or 250 scoot.

    Good luck.
  3. Go to Elliot Bros (43-47 Wattle St) they should let you take one (CBR125) for a test ride if you ask nicely

    I am loving my CBR125 and it can do 100km/hr ok
  4. You go for option C.

    The bike I'm hoping to have approval for the test bike shortly.

    200cc so has more power than a CBR125, but not any where near as much as a sporty 250 that will scare a beginner.

    Lighter than a CBR125, which smaller people will enjoy.

    Can go well over 100kms/hr, meaning doing 100 wont be pushing it right to the edge of its existance.

    Looks hotter than the CBR125.

    Is cheaper than the CBR125.


    I'm aiming at keeping prices around the $3,500 mark, brand new.

    I'm aiming for Feb08 release.
  5. my wife's suzuki burgman 250 scooter is a ripper and might suit your wife. handles like a fat bike, enough grunt to get around, comfy and easy to ride,
    with lots of storage.
  6. One of these might be an option:
    It weighs about the same as a CBR125, but has a 250cc engine (so better highway performance), much lower seat height (and lower center of gravity), a CVT transmission like a scooter (so no gears to worry about), and if I remember right costs about the same as a CBR. Sure it's made in China but the CBR's made in Thailand so probably no real difference in build quality. Les Penna is the dealer in Bendigo.
  7. thanks all

    thanks for the thoughts everyone....
    am now saving my pennies, will re do some training and go test riding
    Mrs MM :moped:
  8. Friend of ours is 4'11" and used to handle her husband's 1400 Intruder (cruiser, low seat) without problems. The height thing isn't the obstacle you might think.

    +1 to Phizog's suggestions re training and test rides.