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cbr125 r 2007 model! somebody please review it!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by arsenalroc, May 20, 2007.

  1. Yes!

  2. No! must be too slow!

  1. new 125 4 stroke :-O
    somebody help a newbie about a review!
    really cheap! 4 grand on the road

  2. What's to review?

    It has a single cylinder 125cc so the power will be easy, predictable and end too soon.

    It will be light so it will be great in traffic, nimble and very flickable due to it's short wheelbase and fairly sharp steering angle.

    It will run on next to nothing. Comfortable in traffic, but pretty useless for long distance riding. Brakes and suspension sufficient for commuting, wouldn't expect too much from them though.

    Review done without touching it.
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    They are not for sale yet and will be in Honda dealers in June if I remember correctly. Good looking bike do a search there was a large thread with lots of information



    Wonder what rpm it would sit at, at 100km/h? My brother might be moving into the city soon and he is seriously considering looking to get one to commute.



  4. Sounds fantastic for its price. 2.5L/100kms? better than most scooters. Would make a fantastic commuter, I might just one up for exactly that once I get the bigger version :grin:
  5. Its fuel injected so you would need something like a power commander 3 to increase fueling if you get a less restrictive exhaust? They look great, why don't they just put the VTR250 engine into something that looks like that?
  6. I'd say it would be a bit restrictive. But putting a pc3 and pipe on would cost around 1500, which defies the point of the bike - CHEAP. Would bring up price to near $6k if you did all that crap and being 125cc you'd get soo little return it would be a massive waste of money.

    After I get a bigger bike I'll probably pick up a second hand one of these (I dont care for warranty or doing the first annoying services, or run in) to avoid doing adding commuting kms on the 600 + the $hits and giggles factor.
  7. I'm thinking along the same lines. Admittedly it would be more useful if I was still in Sydney, but a cheap commuter wouldn't go amiss here.
  8. Could be a good option if you're keeping to city streets but even with fairings I reckon a 4-stroke 125 single is going to struggle to hold 100-110 on the highway, especially if you have to deal with headwinds and/or hills. If you want to get some practice in on the open roads I'd definately be looking at 250cc+ - not having enough power to accelerate on the highway can easily get you killed.
  9. Yeah I'd say it would be a stylish commuter / funny track day bike / twisties riding. I wouldn't want to venture onto the highway for more than 15kms.
  10. I have to say I think it'd be a bit shite as commuter in Canberra.
  11. They look like a _toy_ :roll:

    And the VTR250 is the best looking learner bike on the market :)
  12. Although the VTR250 is the best looking naked bike on the market, there should be a sexy faired counterpart, new good looking faired bikes are hard to come by.

    That or a completely new engined faired 250.

    Lets make the callout now:
    Faired 250, new tech ie; ram air, fuel injected, dual big ass wavy disc brakes. Make something that will stop the overpriced cbrrr250rrrrrrrr. VFR250Fi anyone?

    BTW I will take a cbr125 for a test ride when my honda store gets them in.
  13. In your opinion...

    Me I don't particularly see why everyone rates their looks so highly, but it is a personal thing.
  14. Why not just a VTR250 SP2???
  15. You forgot to mention the GT250R!

    Im bias and proud of it :D
  16. Problem is the VTR250 is already farking expensive, with all that stuff it'd be nearly $10k.
  17. wouldnt be perfect if they had that body with a 250cc motor.... sheer bliss for all leaner.... i can onlly dream!
  18. I'd still rather get the Aprilia 125 over the Honda. Looks better and is faster too.
  19. I was actually hoping a v-4 250, vtr250 SP2 implies its just a dolled up vtr250 with a dodgy firewall.

    Maybe a VFR250RRFi k7, to appeal to all crews. And we all know that the vtr250 is overpriced, only sold at that price because honda _can_.
  20. You mean if it was a CBR250 :? . All Honda (and other manufacturers) are interested in at the moment is what meets/can meet new Euro emissions regs. It's not worth trying to develop new engines in the <250cc class so basically expect anything that doesn't make the regs to be dropped over the next few years or replaced by engines that do. Not sure if the VTR250 meets the new regs but if not don't be surprised if it's dropped in favour of the CBF (which does meet emissions standards).