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CBR125 - I'm sorry, but what a hunk of crap.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by QuarterWit, May 26, 2008.

  1. Well, i do enough bashing of this bike on the forums without justification, so here it all is. So many people love it - but I'm noticing a trend. Most of these guys haven't ridden anything else. I'm no seasoned pro by any means, but I've ridden a fair few kinds of bikes in my short riding history and i love the smaller capacity end of the market.

    This weekend I managed to take my neighbours CBR125 for a ride. He's a big bastard, who despite my pleadings, went out and spent a months wages on this little thing. He seemed to be determined to get it.

    I'd ridden one briefly before at work, but didn't think too much of it. Only a quick ride around the block and back again, too polite to tell the owner my first thoughts. He liked it, after all.

    From a distance, the CBR125R looks pretty good. But so does Courtney love. Similarily, up close the CBR125's flaws become apparant. It's cheap, ratty and poorly built. Niggly little things become apparant when you start to have a good look at it. Cheap looking fuel petcock, badly assembled fairing and a engine casing that looks like it was cast at a plaster funhouse.

    But hey, he wanted a good commuter, not a Ducati. So, i strapped on my helmet and took it for a quick ride around the inner city.

    The engine does exactly what it should do. It's weak as all hell and pretty unresponsive and you have to work really hard to keep it moving. No suprise there. However, all that kicking through gears (Only to find the top, which you use for just about everything) means shuffling through gears. Which is where my main problem with the bike started.

    The thing has an amazing amount of false neutrals, i think i encountered one between each gear at some stage, which is a record for me. I ended up stomping down the gears like my old chook chaser... but with worse results. I tried being a lot more positive in the changes... I still got the occasional false neutral.

    The thing didn't feel very stable either. I'm five nine and around 80kg and jesus... it hardly was a confidence-inspired ride. Very twitchy and nervous on the road and to be honest, it didn't even brake very well, which was surprising.

    But for what he's using it for, it's alright. It uses the expected amount of fuel and gets him from point A to B. But what makes this the sudden miracle bike that inspires hard ons and wet panties from those new to riding?

    The price is a good one, coupled with the styling. But really... it's a pretty damn average bike. For what people want it to do there are plenty of other options out there. This is when you all start saying that none look as good as a CBR125. But i'm here to let you in on a little secret...

    You look like a dick.

    Seriously. It looks like a pushbike with a motor. And you, hunched over the tiny little thing looking like a tosser in your race gear look like a snowboarder trying to f#ck a midget.

    It's quicker than a CT110, but the CT110 isn't doing a feeble impersonation of a sportsbike. The CBR125 is a glorified step through. It's like... putting a body kit on a Barina. If you want a commuter, sure, there's nothing wrong with that. But buy a commuter. I won't laugh at you.

    But hey, who gives a fcuk about what I think? No-one, and rightfully so. But please, if you're thinking of buying this bike for whatever reason consider the other options available. For the same amount of money you can get anything 2nd hand with a better gearbox, engine and build quality. A VTR250 with a million miles on the clock, a 2nd hand Scorpio, any number of chook chasers that are everything this bike is and so, so, so much more.

    Bring on the flames! :grin:
  2. Fair post. :)
  3. If it's their first bike they are probably just content to be having fun on what they have.

    If the CBR125 gives them fun and does the job they want that's great. It's their choice.
  4. Finally someone who sees the CBR125 for what it really is :grin:
  5. Couldn't agree more.
    I was considering one of these and I sat on one in the shops.
    Looking down, I felt like I was on my mountain bike as the tyres are so skinny. also there are plenty of crappy plastic bits everywhere.

    Even as a commuter I dont think the bike would be any good. It's so small and I find it extremely difficult to see on the road. plus my mountain bike is faster with me peddling.
  6. I just find it funny that even though the Cibby is built for a ridiculously low price - so many people seem to think it'll be brilliant simply because of the Honda badge on the tank.
    It really shows the power of marketing, after all if people really only wanted a cheap commuter then sales of the Sachs Madass and 150KN would be much higher.
  7. Just for laughs, I sat on one when I was looking at my first bike. At least it's easy to get on and off :)

    If they make the first time rider feel more confident, that can't be a bad thing, can it?
  8. Only if it makes them so confident they think they can jump straight on a 600/1000 supersports and ride it like they rode the 125.
  9. Thanks Marlon, that just lightened my morning at work :)
  10. I'd still have one for commuting, that is when they become cheap as chips used due to the new price being so low to start with, but then again I also prefer cbr250rr to many larger cc bikes :grin:

    I've seen a guy consistently almost knee down on these things so they do have potential if ridden without fear. The fun of these bikes would be trying to pass big cc bikes in tight, narrow, twisty roads.
  11. So your expectations are different and the bike is not yours.

    I'd say it does exactly what it's meant to do for your "mate".
  12. I friggin hate those small P.O.S!
  13. I've seen a 100cc scooter ridden consistently knee almost down - by an Asian guy in shorts. So why not buy a 100cc scooter.
    Get a pink one and it'll be even more embarrassing for 1000cc riders when (if) you pass them.
  14. Welcome to the world of Hondas as they once were :grin: .

    None of this comes as much of a surprise to anyone who spent time with the rubbish they were producing c.1980.
  15. Hoo boy….are you gonna get a flaming from the CBR125 lovers out there or what now… :LOL:

    Agreed. Jumped on one and thought it was v. cr@p, and I’m not even a bike expert by any means, but didn’t want to say anything as I didn’t actually ride it around like you did. Thanks for not pulling any punches! :cool:
  16. hmmm sounds like what some people have said about the Hyosung re build quality. Is it any worse or better then the Hyosung?

    Sounds like the bloke should have got a scooter. This makes more sense than a kid's bike with plastic fairings. :roll:
  17. I think I've mentioned it on here but my sisters got one of these and it suits her pretty good - its about the right size for a chick.

    I don't like it... but I don't see anything wrong with it as such...

    Of course its going to be built cheap its only 4 grand new! For that price (with a warrenty) the only downfall is the size. So if your comfortable on one and only expect of it what you've spent then its ok... for what it is.

    I wouldn't buy one and its way too small for me but I wouldn't call it a shit bike. Just a cheap one!
  18. Only 2 grand in Asia brand new. And the Sonic it's based on is only 1500.
    So it's built very cheap, with the cost of importing/compliancing and Honda Oz's profit more than the value of the actual bike.
    Which is interesting given Sachs can import a bike and sell it for less than the markup on a CBR125.
  19. Mehh,

    80Kg, This guy sounds like he should be on something else,

    Dude, I am 60Kg, the things gutless, but its perfect for a learner,

    Its light nimble and fun, and the build quality argument is a crap one, the build quality is fantastic. I havent had an issue, And I am one of the fussiest people in the known universe (possibly)

    Its a nice bike for the intended purpose, atleast I am not riding a 15 y/old hunk of metal, who knows how many times its been dropped and sprayed etc, about to fall apart or be stolen to be stripped for parts
    I think if youre a heavy set guy, dont waste your time, go get something bigger.

    And the big blade is only 90Kg heavier with 9 times the capacity (breaks piggybank runs to Honda)