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cbr125 for weekends

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by msd90, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. hey guys my mrs wants a sports bike but hasnt really riden but she is 5ft 4 or 163cm and about 50 kg how do you think it will go on weekend rides open to other bike suggestions cheers for the help

  2. Good size bike for her. But it'll struggle on the freeways. what are you riding?
    Theres also the yamaha r15
  3. Cbr125 isn't really a sports bike, it's a scooter with fairings. I bought one for my gf (5'1, 50kgs) and she was sick of it after 1 month. There's a reason dealers won't give test rides on them.
  4. can i ask wat her next bike was
  5. im looking at a gs500f
    for me
  6. Cbr250rr (old one not the new type). Better suspension, brakes, handling, 3x the power.

    The gs500s seem to be a solid learner bike.
  7. Interesting people say they are not a sportsbike, considering there is a race class for them.

    Oh and it's not a scooter with fairing because last time I checked scooters are step throughs and have their motor on their swing arm.

    It's not the fastest bike in the world but I would say it is fine if you are not expecting to go over 100 and better suited to her size that a overweight gs500
  8. ... I am 5 ft 4 and I learned on a ZZR250. I can't imagine being on a bike with any less power than that. I found the 250 to be a great learner bike and was easy to handle.
  9. hey did you shave the seat or change springs for thezzr and your height or was it fine
  10. ... the height was fine as it was. No probs at all with the height or weight of it ;)
  11. Aprilia RS-125 if you want something beautiful, Honda NSR-150 for something cheap & quick, Cagiva Mito 125 if you're having an affair with your mechanic.