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CBR125 for Beginner Ladies

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Yes no worries

  2. No

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  1. Is this bike suitable for beginner ladies?
    Assume average size :)

    Post comments pls.

  2. As a commuter yes, fine. A CB250 is better at everything and just as easy to ride however.

    Get a 250.
  3. Sure it's suitable - it was designed as an entry level bike. But an average size lady has the whole range of average-size bikes available to her so there's no need to fixate on CBR125... I think a 250cc is a better option while not being much (if at all) larger physically. For example, Yamaha Scorpio or any of the second-hand 250s on the market...
  4. Depends what type of riding she will be doing. The only thing I'm concerned about it the performance doing 100 km/h on the freeway.
  5. I'd also recommend the CB250 over the 125. The CBR125 just looks "prettier", but personally I wouldn't purchase a bike solely on that factor.
  6. I cannot see why anyone would want a CBR125? IMHO it is seriously underpowered to the stage it is dangerous. My comments on this bike are elsewhere on this site.
    Get a GS500.
  7. GS 500 no good in Vic..............yet.

    Get a VTR 250. :wink:
  8. Actually it was designed as a status symbol for SE Asian countries that limit motorcycle capacity.

    If you're not worried about looks the Scorpio would make a much better option, or better yet a decent 2nd hand 250 (ie VTR or GPX).
  9. try all the bikes out and find one that fits your style and comfort. I ride the cbr125 I like it, but you may not. Personally I found the CB250 a little bulky around the tank
  10. no. based on the fact it not suitable for anyone.
    3 people i know own one says it crap on wheels and constatnly wana swap for a day for my shitbox
  11. Are you sure I thought the Honda CBR125 and Yamaha YZF125's were designed for Europe where they have 125cc as their learner limit???
  12. YZF maybe but the CBR originally started out as a 150cc - it was then reduced in capacity to suit the European regs (and also brought up to EU standard which is probably why it's the one we get).
  13. There you go... You live and learn
  14. Spada/VTR FTW
  15. Nothing wrong with it, i've had mine for 6 months, I weigh 70kg and 180cm. If you are doing a *lot* of highway/freeway riding I probably wouldn't recommend it but for a daily commute it's pretty much perfect to learn on.
  16. I wouldn't own one but they do the job

    I'd get the lady friend one but as she said "they don't come in pink"
    and "the tires are too skinny"

    they serve a purpose

    that being an attractive (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) full faired commuter that isn't intimidating to learners, that don't want to be part of "the scooter brigade"
  17. CBR 125 is fine for a learner/provisional rider, more then enough, (lacks a little at first till you ring its neck :twisted: )

    if you need more power, your putting the horse before the cart, :wink:

    all else fails with the constant brigade of its "got skinny wheels" :roll:

    Well, go find a brand new bike, that looks decent for high 4's :cool:

    I got myn for 4,6, and I will probly sell it for 3 something, when I am done, perfect learner bike. :)

    Then I will have the entire jap brigade crying when I graduate right on to my 1098s,(or r if I can mortgage my liver) so nehhh :p
  18. It lacks then too. Unless you're an anorexic midgit, go for a 250. Any 250.

    Woefully underpowered.
  19. do you have one?

    I commute daily on mine and im 5'11" and weigh 70kg, there's nothing wrong with it. Actually I'm pretty much constantly over the speed limit.

    unless you test rode one which didn't have the engine worn in (1200+ km) I don't understand peoples complaints with this bike, especially for a learner.
  20. Nope, but I've ridden one, and a bunch of other bikes around the same capacity and slightly higher (SR185, for example). And it is woefully underpowered.

    Out of interest, what other bikes have you owned/ridden?