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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Well I took the CBR1100XX for a test ride today. The guys at Redwing Honda were really quite friendly and helpful.

    I did backstreets and the Eastern Freeway and was quite happy with how light it felt. I was expecting it to be heavy, but it felt great. The seating is reasonably upright, which is good and the power is just so smooth. I never actually gave it a real solid twist of the throttle, since I was afraid the front wheel would go skywards :grin:

    Overall it was great and the price was right, so I'm now the owner of a (slightly used) Blue 2005 Blackbird. Just have to get the finances together before I pick it up.
    They were also very helpful with the insurance, so now I'll also have a full no claim bonus, earnt from years of riding my Across around with only third party.


  2. a 6mm rear shock shim will do wonders for making it even 'lighter'.

    Come see us at ozblackbird.net
  3. If you poor on the power progressively you won't have to worry about the front-end lifting, although you may feel it go a little light now and then.
    Of course, in 3rd gear or beyond, you are pretty safe...it's just all speed up there.
  4. Welcome to the BIRD club!!!! I know you'll be champing at the bit to give her some.......
  5. I keep on hearing nothing but good things about the blackbird. Bugeater, enjoy your new toy.
  6. They seem like a real bargain at the prices they are selling for.

    All things going well I pick it up tomorrow :dance:

    Can't wait.
  7. Hey Marty, great to see mate - sheer inline exhilaraton for mine. I almost bought a blue 05 but then went for the silver 06 for the good deals on offer at the moment. :grin:

    Hope you get it back to Perth one day for a spin - drop us a line!