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CBR1100XX Which Exhaust? Micron's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Well, want some advice from someone who owns a CBR1100XX who can recommend a good exhaust. At the moment everyone I have spoken too has recommended REMUS, but I know nothing.
    Was told that Megacycle is not a good option.
    I am confused and not sure which will sound the best etc.

    Advice welcome.....
  2. Can't speak from experience of any other bike but my own, but I think Staintune backs their product brilliantly, and that counts for a lot in my book.
  3. They are right vtrsteve , go the remus . I only have stock pipes on my bird but have ridden with other blackbird owners who have the remus and it gives a sweet sound . Not cheap tho .
  4. Remus is the easiest cans to get for the CBR, $1300 for both and a damn fine note to.
    Megacycle are crap, noisy but you will also find a loss of power on the dyno.

    stick with the can made for the CBR thats the remus.
  5. hahahahahahahaha....

    I knew it wouldn't be long till you wanted to put a new exhaust on it :p...Your little VTR sounded awesome and now it's time the new toy does the same


    some of the popular ones are Staintune, Yoshimura, Micron, etc....but I implore you not to change the pipes...it was bad enough sitting behind the VTR without getting jealous of how good it sounded...at least when you had a 2 fiddy I could pass you to get away from it...somehow with the Blackbird I don't think that will be happening :eek:
  6. Somehow I think you are right, just reading a few things about the CBR1100XX and it was one of the bikes that recorded over 300km/h, this boy won't be doing that scary shit.

    And yes just weighing up the options for the first service, to get pipes or not...already done 450k's in 4 days, so i am guessing the next 2 weeks and it will be in for the 1,000k service.
  7. The price I got was about $1,595 for the Remus exhausts, but I know there are a couple of types, and I think the Stainless Steel is $1300 and the Titanum or the Carbon fibre is $1,595.

    The only thing I hate about Remus is the bloody big logo on the pipes, would love to keep it as clean as it looks now with the stock pipes.
  8. Another reason why I love the Staintunes :)
  9. Staintunes sound good on certain bikes and like an emphysemic wolf on other bikes.

    Like with most pipes really............

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm YOSHI :)

    Steve, you could always speek to the dudes in the know on the 26th.
  10. Was thinking about that, but do you get the right advice when they are trying to sell there own products. I felt that a dealer that supplies all manufactures would give you better advice, but then again i am sure profit margins come into the picture as well.

    I feel this forum gives me no-bullshit advice, you just the weight up the pro's & con's.
  11. Redwing honda . I was offered a set of remus for $1000 . As vis said , certain pipes for certain bikes but Remus are perfect for the bird . There was a blackbird site but it seems to have disappeared . 90% of the boys had remus.
  12. Muzzi and Yoshi reps will be there. So you get 2 people trying to sell you their cans.
  13. Congrats Steve on the bird. Tis a fine piece of machinery! I can see you are wishing to let the bird outta its cage so to speak. My personal experience with Remus has been great back up service and of course a deeper, tuffer note compared with other cans. Of course it depends on what bike, but that is the general consesus. The importers of Remus pipes are in Ferntree Gully so being local should help price and avaliability wise. Just wise they would sell direct!!!

    Saying that I currently have the staintunes. The removable baffle is handy, but could also be something to loose if I left them in. I did have a problem with a centre stand bracket on one pipe and it was changed under warantee very easily. It was not a product failure, but a design change mid model run. Only prob was I have two pipes and they only changed one under warantee. So one very shiny, and one not so shiny!!! They are stainless, wont need packing and had no probs at all getting compliance plates for em (if travel to NSW). Have no idea what the remus's would be like in same situation. Hope the info helps!

  14. got that price from New World Honda but he gave the impression if i bought his bike they would drop the $1300 fitted to a far lower one
  15. Went to them for a price when buying 3 bikes last week, yes 3 bikes. 1 x CBR1100XX and 2 x CRF250X all brand new, they are not really interested in selling bikes and didn't even get back to me with a price after I went in to see them. At the time I went to see them they were busy with a customer for the next hour or so, no customer in sight, left my details and what I was after.

    Want a good deal do waste your'e time with those guys and go straight to Dandenong Honda, they were brillant to deal with, and great price from the start.
  16. fcuk me!

    better get in quick if you want a Honda guys...or VTRsteve will have bought em all...How many bikes do you have now exactly???


  17. Total 4
    Traded TTR250 and TTR125 both with less than 800k's. Reason my son's bike too small and we preferred the honda which is simular to the WR. We need too look the same when riding you know....lol
  18. To all that responded to this thread..thank you, I went for the Micron's and waited 5 weeks to get them without the badges on the side, Wanted to keep the bike looking original as possible.

    Next question is should I sell the old pipes as they just slip straight on to a CBR1100XX or keep them.

    Here is a pic of the new pipes on the Blackbird. I will try and get a audio file for those that want to hear what they sound like.

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
  19. hey mate, pipes look perfect, and the bird looks very sweet too. im still so undecided about a pipe.. :D
  20. You just got too go with what you feel, there are so many options, I think remus or micron and you can't go wrong. It's a bit like gambling a 50/50 chance, but they sound real nice the micron, great note and not too noisy etc. just right if you ask me.