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cbr1100xx for first big bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chrissybenn, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. im currently on a cbr250rr, and am having a few back problems because of the riding position, but i really like the full faired bike, so am looking for more of a sports tourer once im off restrictions.

    would the blackbird be too difficult to manage for someone just off restrictions? mainly for commuting not much else

    wouldnt mind a busa, but have never sat on one and it looks quite hunched over.. and not to mention physically looks much bigger and im guessing it weighs a fair bit more..

    anyone else gone to a blackbird or 1100cc + straight from a 250?

  2. no, just use less throttle and smooth throttle control.
    nice bikes, blackbirds.
    it won't feel bigger once you're sitting on it and moving, just be aware that it is when you slow to a stop.
    it will feel bigger if you run out of petrol.
  3. To honest making such a huge leap in bike size and power is not a sensible idea. There are many bikes in the 600cc class that will still "put lead in the pencil". When I was 19yrs (riding for 3 yrs) I bought a Honda Bol'dur 1100. I kept it for 2 weeks cos it scared the shit out of me. I would be challenged but comfortable with that bike now. Take your time in moving up to a bigger bike. Stay riding for a long time (not just for a good time).
  4. man people have taken the leap and been fine... HOWEVER, if you're just using it for commuting, why not something like a Suzuki Bandit or the likes? For touring, it's easier on something that's about 600 - 900 I've been told. All ya can do though is test ride and see what you'd be most comfortable on.
    Even the CBF1000 would be excellent.
  5. i guess it's an individual thing.
    know your limmits... you've probably reached the bikes limmits on a 250.
    you add 1000cc and the bike is capable of doing far more than you can.
    so you basically start all over again from scratch.
    if i had a litre bike when i was 19 i'd be dead, no doubt about it... because i was'nt mature enough at that age to ride safely.
    but CAN you ride a blackbird?.. yes of course, not at all a hard bike to ride..
    but be sensible and don't make mistakes... if you are still making mistakes on a 250, then forget about the blackbird.
  6. I disagree - it all is dependant on the maturity of the rider
  7. yup :)

    but i think commuting daily, depending how far, is easier on a slightly smaller bike / more comfortable bike.
  8. I did. Any talk of not being able to handle the power is bollocks.

    The throttle maps are smooth and the power is pretty gentle under 6k rpm actually.

    Your biggest concern will be the commuting. The BB doesnt really like going under 60kmh, unless its winter. Theres not enough air flow. Stop-start traffic will be a nightmare in summer, as even at speed, the BB throws out a lot of hot air on your legs. Again, good in winter.

    Size wise its no big deal. My 250 across was a toy in comparison, and my back also suffered from that bike.

    Other than the above stuff, its much more practical than a supersport. SS bikes are hardly any better on fuel as well. I get about 6.5L/100km
  9. Yes very valid point - I agree
  10. bamm bamm from this site made the same jump and was fine....like anything it's only as deadly as the idiot controlling it, after riding it imo there are better bikes out there for both commuting and punting it through twisties but each to their own
  11. I will admit -- I got my L's and bought my R1 straight away after that I because it was a better deal than a Hyo Gt650R ( which I liked in appearance ) -- at my size I was not interested in an underpowered bike.

    I rode sensibly and within the limits of the law and my own limits/skills and had zero problems.

    I do not have the R1 now ( I only sold it so as to help finance the business so I can take over the world ) but my P limitation finishes in October so will be back on a big sportsbike by early November.

    By the way I learnt the most about how to handle a big bike by watching keith codes twist of the wrist 2 about a half dozen times.
  12. The blackbird is a pretty comfortable bike, and I have seen one seriously moving through traffic. Cam (slowcoach) seems to have no issues punting his through traffic too.
  13. Not onlly have you got the power to worry about, but there is also the way that it will handle in comparison to the 250.

    unlike the 250, the blackbird is no lightweight and it will not handle the same way as your current bike.

    You are certainly going to have to learn to use your body a lot more to help the bike turn. consequently, to start with, it will seem like the damn thing doesnt want to turn, especially when you get on the power coming out of a corner.

    I know a bloke on another forum who had a cbr600 then went and brought a ZX14. he found it very hard to make it go round corners properly and wound up selling it after scaring himself silly when he was touring in tasmania (facing down an oncoming log truck when he was on the wrong side of the road).

    I have a zx14 and I think it handles very well especially given its size.
    at the end of the day it all comes down to the nut behind the wheel.

    its a big jump in size & power..... so be very careful no matter what you deceide


  14. Mastering the throttle on a blackbird will be no different to mastering it on CBR - back then you went from nothing to something and now you're talking about going from something to something more.
    Get off your restrictions, go down to a dealership and take one for a test ride. If it leaves a shit eating grin on your face buy one. If it leaves a shit stain on your pants, don't.

  15. hahhahaha like it

  16. Have you thought about a VFR? Same company, similar appeal and more comfy (somewhat depending on your height) around town. Goes alright and you can up it for some fun without blinking and ending up in the next suburb

    The Blackbird is also about as sorted a bike as you'll get.
  17. I'd have no issues with the 'Bird, with the caveats that others have stated, but I also go with Wyne that a VFR might be agood intermediate step.
  18. As a long time B'bird owner, I doubt that I'd commute on it if commuting was the main use of it.

    And going from a 250 straight to an 1100, for me, is a scary prospect. Maybe the OP will do fine, maybe not. But there are plenty of smaller bikes out there which are better suited to his needs. Look at a Suzuki SV650, for example. Narrow profile, torquey motor, lightweight and still grunty enough for long distance rides.

    The Blackbird, ergonomically, isn't that flash. If you're 6' or over with longer arms it's not such a big deal. Me, I'm of average height and it's a stretch for me. I also get sore wrists from it. A set of Heli-bars or VFR bars from the wreckers would be a better option. Even so, the Bird is still a heavy bike to throw around in traffic. And as mentioned further up the page, they get damned hot in slow traffic, with a lot of that hot air blasting onto your left leg.
  19. My one and only spin on one resulted in a back wheel lock up,all I could put it down to was the linked brakes and me not being used to them,BTW the twist grip works both ways
    so take your time learning how it goes.There is a Blackbird Forum in OZ thats very helpful,look for the 6mm shim on the back shock mod.
  20. Dont get me wrong, I like 'Birds'........... almost got one myself, and No! I dont think you'd have a problem with that upgrade unless you are an idiot in which case you shouldnt be on a bike at all.......but
    maybe have a look at the Kwaka ZX12r as well, comparable bike and may find one a bit cheaper than a 'Bird as they are still asking silly prices for good ones..........