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CBR1100s have Tardis style fuel tanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. I've gotta get a CBR1100. Apparently you can put up to 26 litres into its 22 litre tank. Wow.

    "What's he on about?", you're asking yourself, aren't you?

    Well, it's like this. Some dude wrote into the Herald-Sun today and claimed that his tank, which holds 22 litres often takes up to 26 litres. So, either his tank has mystical physical properties, or that the servos that he fills up with have dodgy bowsers...

    Obviously the latter. Pity his letter didn't say what he did about it when he filled up. Or what the attendant did, if questioned about it.

    Any of you guys ever experienced this?
  2. That's a pretty damn big discrepency there :shock: . Never had that problem myself usually if I've run down to reserve then 14 litres is all that goes in (14L tank) but does make you wonder just how often they do check up on servos.
  3. hmmmm charged for 26 litres when it's only physically possible to put in 22......
  4. When I was a kid working at one for pocket money, the Dept. of Weights and Measures, as it was called then (later on a part of the Dept of Labor and Industry - god knows what it comes under now..) used to do random checks on servos. Hopefully, they're still doing it today. Otherwise, especially with skyrocketing prices, you'll get some annoyed customers.

    But yeah, I've never had any issues, except if the person before me drains the hose and when the pump starts, it clicks over a few cents as it charges the line...

    Thing is, what would be a good way to deal with it? Especially if you're in a busy station and people are getting annoyed with you as you argue the toss (but I s'pose you can turn around and say that it might be affecting them as well...)
  5. Is it possible that Honda brings a model here WITH a slightly bigger tank because of our greater distances, but don't mention it on the brochures??
  6. I did see a news article the other week that said inspectors had checked some 25 service stations and found that 12 of them had faulty pumps, and in some cases the service station was forced to close the pumps until it was re-calibrated.
    I think they need to bring in a reporting standard on a regular basis which must be submitted to a govt body.
  7. It's prob 22 litres on the main tank and 4 litres reserve.
  8. mine takes 24litres no more, but then it came out with a 24 litre tank
  9. Probably not relevant in this case, but....

    Some of the 'Iron Butt' aficianado's will be familiar with the practice of 'blowing' tanks. You connect the tank to a compressed air source, with a special fitting in the filler, and phuuut,.....it 'inflates' the tank a bit, by pushing out stamped shaping lines. You can get a surprising amount of extra capacity this way.
  10. .... also used by cunning souls in the days of the Castrol Six Hour race, but the screw-in-ears woke up to it quickly, and it was back to SSSOB* again.
    * Strictly Stock Standard, old boy!
  11. Ive found at one particular servo (twice) that my tank fits 20ls.
    should I have complained?
  12. Wow ive never even considered that before. I have noticed that sometimes I get more KM's out of a tank when filling up at certain servos, i always thought they must have special bowsers which can fill your tank up with 'condensed fuel' so you get a couple of extra litres in! lol
  13. I've had instances where the bike took 20lt into the 17lt tank. I had the same in the car where the 64lt tank managed to hold 72lt!

    Some servos are just plain dodgy. I should know, I used to work at one. If you can see the maths don't add up, just fill up somewhere else in future. It's a big industry with powerful friends. You can question as much as you like just don't expect any bloody answers.

  14. I guess so GPX's can only fit 18 including reserve.... Make em give u a chocolate or something ;)