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cbr1000rr vs street triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by madalpinestar, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has had a cbr1000rr and a street triple. which did you prefer and which was more fun or street riding? i currently have a 2012 cbr1000rr that im thinking of selling because i just dont get to use it enough. im really only riding to and from work which is 5 mins each way. iv always liked the street triple which is why im comparing the two

    any advice woukd be great

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  2. If you are looking for a new bike, why not try to test ride anything and everything to find out what bike talks to you, or ticks the most boxes?
    I dont own one ( I have the Daytona instead), but the street triple is a great bike and should be on your shortlist as it will do the type of riding you are doing better than a 1000cc sportsbike.

    If it were my list, I would add a speed triple, a v-twin tuono as well as about a dozen other interesting bikes that I cant be bothered listing.
  3. Please don't dump in general discussion
  4. the Street Trip was much like my GSX650F, but a bit lighter. It would not be close to gixxer thou. The speed trip, that is a different story, and I think I very much want one.
  5. yer good advice, the shops around here do not have much to test ride so I'm thinking I will go to the big smoke for the day and test out a few.

  6. Where is "around here" anyway?
  7. Bendigo, central Victoria. reminds me to setup my profile
  8. Give AJ's in Shepparton a call. They always seem to have plenty of new and used models handy.
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  9. Forget about those bikes. This is what you want
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  10. If you're not lucky enough to pick up a zrx1200r then the next best thing is an Aprilia Tuono V4R
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  11. Let's see:

    Street Triple weighs 190kg and has 100hp.

    GSX650F is a lams bike, weighing 240kg with 80hp.
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  12. LMAO!
    I have _just_ done this trade. What a coincidence.

    Thoughts about the Blade: I will never, ever, ever be a good enough rider to get even 50% out of it. Its a bloody brilliant bike and I can't do it justice. There is too much power in 1st, its quite snatchy as well having such an immense amount of power. Its not comfortable unless you are tucked in, riding hard through corners.

    The ST3: comfortable once you get used to sitting upright. That motor is bloody fantastic, not snatchy and its still got quite a lot of low down pull... if not quite the high end of the Blade. The noise it makes from the undertail exhuast... my lord that rumble and growl is awesome. The induction noise is quite good too... but that exhaust. Instruments are still quite nice, it even has a gear position sensor which you don't get on many 600 class bikes. For commuting its bloody awesome. Come winter it will be even better as the underseat exhaust will keep you warm :p The Street's cornering ability is great although I've just replaced the rubber so didnt push the limit on the old stuff, but you can feel its very very capable, even on worn tyres. Feels very balanced. The brakes on my bike are quite average (someone tracked it before I bought it), so I cant comment on whether its typical or not... either way, coming from the Blade they are not going to be as good. The lack of fairing hasnt really been a problem in the rain; you still get wet, you just notice the rain hitting you more. Wind is negligible unless its ultra breezy or you are breaking land-speed records.

    All in all; It sounds like a good move, and if you can afford the R, I'd do it. And remember that exhaust noise... :)
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  13. The LAMS GSX650FU is not the same as a GSX650F, the LAMS model has a rolled off top end, it doesn't pull past around 7000 rpm. The normal GSX650F starts to go harder from 6000 rpm. They are heavy though.
  14. These two bikes are not even in the same class.
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  15. Test ride a Street Triple and a Tuono V4R.
  16. Like wow! Thanks Captain Obvious!!:sneaky:
  17. The 675 triple is a glorious motor, I think people underestimate it as it's obviously not a thou and assume it's a typical 600. It has plenty of pulling power and for your purposes, you'd have much more fun on it than the fireblade.

    Get an R if you can, the brakes alone will be worth the little extra.
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  18. Ride both. Buy the one you like the most.
  19. Saw one just the other day, boy did it sound brutal!
  20. As someone who's owned both, the Street is a far better bike!