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CBR1000RR vs F1 vs V8 Supercar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. http://www.topgear.com/au/car-news/webber-stoner-whincup-race-off-in-sydney

  2. I wonder if it will be a factory cbr or a race kitted cbr.

    I may have to go to that now.
  3. Hope it's televised!
  4. knowing top gear, it will be a television special about 9 months after, and Stoner will come dead last with Clarkson pulling the strings.
  5. Even if it was a GP bike, the F1 would win. I would have the GP or even a WSB ahead of the V8 though.
    F1's I think are 1kw per 1kg, Moto GP's are like 1.5kw to 1kg but cant brake a 4g like an F1. V8's are like 600kw and 1,200kg.....no contest.
  6. Televised!?!?!?!?!

    YouTube baby.............

    Sorry - couldn't resist...........the term "Televised" reminds me of my old man when I was a kid.....:)
  7. it will be some staggered start BS.

    So they all finish around the same time.
  8. Not to mention the F1 can corner at up to 6g once its got sufficient downforce.
  9. 1st - F1
    2nd - V8
    3rd - Stoner

    No brainer. Bike has to use the track as is, V8 will cut corners & fly wheels, plus both cars will outbrake & out corner the bike in terms of mid corner speed.
  10. I wouldnt be surprised if the bike got the jump on the v8 at the start and kept the v8 at bay, racing a bike against a car is a little sketch for overtaking, i mean i cant imagine rubbing paint between a car and a bike mid corner is going to end well for anyone, so id say stoner could keep it at bay. The f1 obviously will dominate, theres just no competition for the braking and corning, and also bullshit electronics.
  11. With bearing in mind, bike is stock and not gp spec. It'll leave the v8 for dead as long as top gear doesn't get involved.
  12. 1st F1
    2nd v8
    3rd stoner
    1000000000000000000th - MV