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CBR1000RR Fireblade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Edward VH, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all...

    At some stage I'll be getting a bigger bike. Rather than step up progressively, I'm thinking of going straight to a 1000cc.
    The idea is, that I want the bike to be a keeper for the long term, and it would be something to keep me excited with enough power, mojo, etc.

    I'm thinking of the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

    What do people think? I'd be interested in hearing your opinions and experiences with this bike.

  2. I agree that going to a 1000 is a good idea and saves u buying and selling smaller bikes. A bikes only as fast as u twist the throttle. Nothing wrong with that bike of any of the top ss 1000 cc bikes. Just make sure you've got a clear road ahead before u gas it as things happen very fast on these bikes. Go and ride a few and see if u like it. I wanted a bit more comfy bike that still kicks ass and ended up with a z1000. It scares me
  3. Jumping off a 250 straight onto a 1000 is not a good idea in my opinion. A 600 is still a very sharp tool and will give a seasoned rider plenty of fun so I don't see how your first "keeper" couldn't be a 600.
    You could always look at the Gixer 750's as well?
    All sporties are going to have the mumbo to keep you "excited"... If they're not, you need to look into fighter jets mate.

    It's all well and good to say they only go as fast as you twist your wrist but you can find yourself doing mach10 with little to no time at all.
    At the end of the day, test ride everything and whatever you'd decided on before hand and regardless of what anyone tells you, will probably be what you buy anyway.

    My 2cents for what it's worth.
  4. modern 600s are pretty amazing bikes to ride and are really all you need on the road. but if you think you're up to it go the fireblade. do some training first though if you haven't done any. it will try to kill you if you don't treat it well.
  5. Thanks guys for the comments. Keep them coming.

    For what it's worth, I'm an older guy that's ridden bikes in my youth. Admittedly I have just got back into it after 30 years and I don't plan on going crazy, but I just sort of think if I was going to take the plunge, I'd go right for the 1000. I'd still keep my 250 for most of the commuting.
    I guess the blade would be like a HSV commodore or something that would be driven (ridden) with care and consideration. Mostly with respect with the power that it has, and it's potential consequences.

    Don't know why, but the blade has me drooling.
  6. It is not a good move to go from a 250 to Liter bike, I would suggest to a 600 sports bike for a while then onto a liter after a bit more experiance.
    Basicly a CBR1000 blade or any Liter bike is less forgiving and will kill you if you stuff up.
    Especially if you are going to use it as weekend warrior machine and then back to the 250 to commute on.
  7. Just want to make it clear that I'm not the "weekend warrior" type of rider. Not interested in dragging, not interested in doing wheelies. Not interested in ending up on a youtube "motorbike fail" video.

    Is the nature of this bike that you can't ride it sensibly? Not being able to legally ride one myself, I can't tell. I've actually read that the cbr1000rr is one of the better handling and forgiving machines in it's class.

    Any cbr1000rr owners out there that could comment on it's characteristics?
    Appreciate all the opinions so far...
  8. I don't own one of them but do ride a 1000cc. There is no reason why u can't putt along at the speed limit giving the bike 1/4 throttle. It will be perfectly rideable at sensible speeds. It would be very normal IMHO to take many months of riding b4 u get near giving a bike like that full throttle.
  9. @basejumper... this is what I figured, and it would be the sensible thing to do to take it easy. I don't even think I'd ever dream of riding it wide open throttle anyway.

    I was considering a crb600rr, but I figured it would be a waste of money to go what would be essentially half measure. You could easily kill yourself on one of those too. I'm an old fart. I'm not the type to be wearing singlet, thongs and shorts doing wheelies down my street on a superbike.

    I think it's all a matter of attitude and responsibility.
  10. You are describing a Hoon, weekend warrior is someone who just rides thier bike on the weekends, in your case you would be commuting on your 250 then a liter bike weekend warrior.

    You can ride any bike sensibly however you menetioned that
    So if a 600cc sports bike does not have a enough power on the roads for you and you want the liter bike because it does have enough power to keep you excited, it does not sound like you want to putt around sensibly, does it?

    You can go buy what ever you want, but you asked if it is a good idea to go from a 250cc to liter bike, generally it is not.

    And yes the Blade is the most forgiving of it's class, however the whole liter bike class is inherantly unforging to the inexperianced rider.

    If you are going to go straight for a 1000cc blade, maybe you should do some additional training, do some track days, maybe do the superbike school or other advanced training.
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    Considering that you are telling us how sensible you plan to be on this bike, why do you even need a 1000cc superbike? That's like eating a steak with a chainsaw when a steak knife is clearly the better tool for the job.

    Personally I have owned litre bikes and while I love the scare and the thrill that a 1000cc bike offers, they are just too much bike for Australian roads imo. In recent years I have returned to a 600 sports and now a street triple r, which is a much better road bike as it allows me to explore some of the bikes potential without the go to jail speeds that you tend to do on a bike designed to live at those speeds. I found the litre bike boring at normal speeds. I find that I need to be riding it as it was meant to be ridden to get the enjoyment out of it. I still ride my street triple that way to at times. Its just that the speed that this is done at to have the same amount of fun is lower.

    If the speed limit wasn't there I would own another one in a heartbeat but my personal self control on a bike with so much potential wanes. I like to use most of the rev range and shift up through the gears. On my last litre bike that meant shifting into 2nd at 140. On the street triple its closer to 90.

    My advice : Just test ride as many bikes as you can before making a purchasewithout having any preconceived ideas of what bike will suit you best as a keeper. You might find that the fantasy of owning and riding a fireblade does not correlate with the reality. I think you should just learn from my history and buy a street triple r too! :)
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  12. @Oz...

    Yeah, I plan to get some advanced training. Probably the wording "keep me excited" in my original post was probably misleading.
    When I was a young lad, a friend let me ride his 1100... what remains in my memory is how smooth the power was. It's not about top speed. It's not about being a hoon. It's about having a top bike that could be a keeper (without having to upgrade in cc) till I'm in my grave... however that happens.

    My reasoning behind the 1000 now, is that eventually I'd progress to a 1000. I'm an old c*nt already. I don't have decades to "build up" to that. I don't plan to be a dickhead. I don't plan to be a squid. I don't plan to be a poser in singlet and shorts on a superbike. Maybe when I do a long haul trip, I might open it up a bit on the highway. That's about it.

    And as i wondered... is it not possible to ride the blade "normally"? Is it only for the track? I am a little suprised that people tend to think that going from a 250 to a 1000 is a death wish. It's akin to someone saying going from a Mini to a HSV Commodore is a death wish.

    I don't think that's necessarily true.
  13. Well it's not the same because a mistake on a bike usually have more serious consequences.

    How about you take a test ride on both the 600cc and 1000cc? With the 1000cc if you are going to stick to the speed limit then you will be using 1-2 gear most of the time with barely any rpm. Personally I find that to be boring. I just upgraded to a CBR600RR and I already miss reving the crap out of my 250.
  14. Get what you want. If a 1000cc fireblade blows up your skirt then go for it and don't take any crap.
    Who gives a shit if you just poke about on weekends etc. It's your bike, your money and your choice.
    Going from a 250 to a full tilt superbike on the other hand... I upgraded from a baby ninja to an fz6. Heavy and slow compared to its r6 brother and it still scares the shit out of me sometimes.
    Liter bikes are not like HSV's, they are like Porsche gt2's. Compare the power to weight and be warned.
  15. If that's how you feel then go ahead and buy the blade.

    You don't need the permission or approval from people on here and you certainly don't need to justify yourself to anyone.

    If it's a blade you want, then a blade you should have.

    By the way, not going from a 250 to a 1000. What a load of crap........
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    Its not like a HSV. Remember a fireblade took top 3 places in the senior TT, won the superstock and top 3 places in the superbike race at the Isle of Man. Its a seriously fast bike. Anyway they look great and if I thought my licence would survive it I'd get one tomorrow.

    PS the average speed of the winner in the superstock was 206 kph. supersport was only 201 kph.
  17. What some people seem to forget about bikes from what i've noticed is that they are all ridiculously fast. Not sure how you are going to have so much more fun on a 1000 that will do 100 in 2.9 than a 600 that will do it in 3.2. You will be able to blaze through the gears on a 600 while the 1000 will sit in 1st all its life
  18. Op, it's the same story over and over. Someone asks for an opinion/advice, doesn't like the answer and proceeds to break it down and justify their reasoning.
    As has been mentioned, you can do what you like with no need for online justification.
    I own an '08 blade and its a whole lot of bike.
    I started on a Cb400 then moved onto an FZ8, I tracked the 8 a few times and did CSS level 1&2 and decided to get on a sports bike and start doing more track days. It's still way more bike than I need and I'll be lucky if I ever get to use 70% of the bikes potential.
    Figure I'd run the rego out on the CBR before turning it into a track bike.... I'm almost to the point where I'm not enjoying road riding any more as the bike begs to be ridden, my self control is not poor but I enjoy riding the bike in the twisty stuff and its not much fun when you're plodding.
    I'm not saying you can't plodd along on it but I personally would rather plodd on something a whole lot more comfortable.

    A 600 isn't really going to be any more or less fun cruising around sight seeing on the weekends? Have you looked into naked bikes in the varying classes they're offered in? They may be a closer fit for what you're describing
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  19. +1... I became bored with the Blade at legal speeds and uncomfortable when commuting with it. Switched to a KTM SMT; comfortable, fun at legal speeds, can see the traffic with the chook chaser seating position, and great on the crappy roads where I live. I'm old too - forgot what real handlebars felt like!!!

    You will still have the 1000cc's you seem determined to get, and if you carry out some basic mods and keep away from straight roads, then don't expect to be passed by too many Blades :D
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  20. It's not that I don't like the answer, I was just surprised at the answers. I'm guessing I wasn't expecting that most people would not recommend it.

    Didn't want the thread to turn ugly. There's a few on the thread that seem to see nothing wrong with it. I guess at the end of the day, I'll just have to try it out for myself.

    Who knows, I might just say fcuk it, and go buy a 50cc scooter instead.