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CBR1000RR - 2008 - Fireblade

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Chef, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. I'm posting for a friend who can no longer log on for whatever reason. So it's just easier this way.
    Kranzy - https://netrider.net.au/forums/member.php?u=22470
    He's not a hoon and he's not a muppet (although I should show him how to park a bike sometime)

    Sorry, no pics because they have the name of a bike sale site on them. (but that should give you a bloody hint surely)
    ...and if you've read this ad and ask me for some i will come around to your house and personally show some to you.

    24,000 kms
    Body Super Sport
    Colour Red
    Engine Capacity 1000
    (BLAH BLAH - now the good bit)

    One owner (mechanic) always serviced and looked after. Never been on a track, ridden only as a sports tourer, the k's have been very kind! Went for a small slide down my driveway, very minor cosmetic damage (just a couple scratches on fairing) which have been smoothed out and only require a lick of paint.

    Don't want to see her go, but it's time to buy a house. Shorty Levers, tidied fender, -1 tooth front sprocket, dual Hi/Lo HID projector headlights, intake and exhaust flap mods, tinted screen, oggy knobs, braided brake lines, radguard radiator guard, speedohealer wiring harness, 12v accessory socket (under seat) all original parts and heated grips to come with bike also.

    18months left on full factory warranty (4 year). 95% tyre tread (Pilot power 2ct front, Pilot road 2ct rear) Just had major service performed by Honda on 31.3.11 (tappets etc all done, $550 service). Price drop, time to see her go. If it's not gone within 2 weeks, she's off to a dealer.

    $10.999 Negotiable unless you're on an oil rig.

    0433 392 858
    Frankston South
  2. I can personally vouch for this bike. A lovely machine which should go pretty quickly at that price!
  3. Great news thrill seekers!!!

    $$$ Price drop $$$

    This love rocket is now going for $9,800
    It will go at this price but it won't be with a RWC

    No matter, your chance to snap up a bloody bargain is now!!!
    Don't thank me, just buy me a beer when you see me :D

    $9,000 firm

    Grab it or it's going.
    For that price it's a full on bargain
    For that price it's a shithot tracky

    CBR1000RR Honda Weapon!!!
    If Osama was still alive he'd want this
    He's dead so first in gets it.
  5. Damn ! If I wasn't fixated on a possible 3rd (wishful!!!) bike, sportstouring aligned, I'd be all over this like a 40Hr Famine survivor at a KFC Eating Spree !!!
    Good luck with your mates sale, Chef.
    That's one awesome bargain right there, folks !!!
  6. I hear that Nickers, I'd be all over this like a teenager on p0rn site if i was sufficiently cashed up. Bargains like this are few and far between.
  7. 9K? That's a bargain... but I gotta wait 4 more months...](*,)
  8. Okay I have a guy with 9k ready - he would be interested will tell him about it '
  9. Tell him to jump on it quick because the deadline's coming up.

    I'll give my mate the heads up. Thanks Tak.
  10. Sucks hard doesn't to see a sweet deal slip through your fingers. They don't come along like this very often :(
  11. Chef - have informed him and told him to make a decision quickly
  12. please lock thread
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