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CBR1000rr 08 road riding ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Traviss, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Well the 08 sounds like a better track bike than the 07 but is it a better road bike out in the real world ..From what Ive been told its sounding like the 07 is a better real world bike, the 08 doesnt like the bumps and crests by the sounds of it Whats the go am I better off sticking to my 07 for the real roads ,any one ridden both...

  2. Unless you're absolutely *rolling* in money - cash, not debt - I personally would say you'd be nuts to replace an 07 with an 08, no matter what their relative merits.
  3. .. and if you ARE rolling in cash, and going to buy the '08, I will give your '07 a good home if you're giving it away (which you obviously could afford to do :LOL:).
  4. I'm not quite so sure, the 08's power delivery would likely make it a superior road bike? If you haven't seen the 2008 1000cc comparo dynographs, you'll notice the cbr owns everything else in the midrange (significantly), just not in the top end.
  5. Mate it will still only get you half way to Dargo before you're turned around by the 07 and lesser machinery. I'd still let you past again though :wink:
  6. have ridden both many times and the 08 is a completely different bike to the 07.. much more comfy (higher bars, lower pegs), much better power, much better brakes, better suspension and a whole lot lighter..

    it is definitely a better road bike.. I dont know who told you they dont like "bumps and crests"..

    if you can afford the change over.. DO IT.. you wont be dissapointed.. The 07 is still a ripper bike.. the only thing "bad" with the 07 is the 08 :wink:
  7. I was thinking the less weight less road holding on real roads ..All the write ups seem to be track based I havnt read anything road tested yet ( has anyone done one ) Im more than happy with the 07 Christ I reacon its made me a better rider the things on rails I even love right handers as much as a left now maybe even more ..Im just curoius about the road ride of the 08 but I dont really want to test one incase I want one (thats how I ended up with the last one )...Thanks for your opionion...cheers
  8. Im glad I didnt make it all the way there I hit canvas on the way home ...lol
  9. Whats going on it this time? You need the consistency of bubblegum :p
  10. AMCN gave the 08 the thumbs up on the track and the road.

    it smashed all the competitors. i wouldnt upgrade an 07 to an 08 because thats just a waste unless you are a lawyer, charging like a wounded bull.

    they do seem like they would be an absolutely amazing bike if you could stand having something that ugly in your garage. dont get me wrong, i love hondas, but i think that new 08 still has a long way to go for me to call it *stunning*
  11. You've ridden one? Back to back with an 07?

    It's never a waste to 'upgrade' as long as the owner can validate it. It's there money after all.
  12. im tossing up between upgrading from my 07 to either an 08 cbr1000rr or an 09 r1, i just want to ride them both first, which im hoping to do this weekend or atleast this month when i get a chance and providing there is an 09 r1 around that i can demo
  13. The 08 is a ripper !!! totally different style from other 1000cc bikes. Its like the 600rr, smaller and lighter than its competitors but if you likes big muscle bikes. you might want to rethink. or if you are a 7ft giant, you might want to rethink too

    The good thing about buying the 08 1000rr is people will know you aint a poser cuz it aint much of a looker. but the good news it, when you are on it, you wont know how ugly it looks. and you wont sneak a look at your reflection as you pass glass or windows so your attention will be on the road.

    If you want a nice looking bike, go get the R1s.
  14. im only 5'9 so i think i wont have a problem on the cbr, and although i used to hate the look i think its slowly growing on me. I think i just need to ride them and see what feels and rides the best!!!
  15. Im going Pirrili's Diablo Corser's I dont care about the Km as long as the grip lasts to the end Im happy the Briggies stuck well at first then I had to drop presures to get the grip level back in the front got all washie at reconmended presures ...It seems the Diablo's are popular on the Blade so I will give em a go ,Its a bit like a bad hair cut ,it wont take long before I need replacements ..
  16. If we take the front of the 09 R1 and the rear of the 08 blade we might have a looker..
  17. I'm by no means an expert when it comes to sports bikes ... or bikes for that matter :)
    But I've ridden the new Blade and 08 R1 ... the heat generated by the R1 alone would be enough to make me get the Blade. And unless Yamaha have done a really amazing job with the 09 ... AND removed the heat issues ... I'd definitely pick the Blade ... amazing bike.
    Plus what someone else said ... if you get a bike for looks first, then you're not in it for the same reasons as most of us I'd say. I like the look of any of the current sports bikes much better than that of the Busa ... but ended up buying one because that particular bike suits me best.
    Test them and pick whatever feels best for you ... my 2c
  18. by no means will i be buying either of them on looks(the cbr aint no beauty queen) :wink: hence why i have said in both posts i need to ride both bikes first,just whichever bike feels the best to ride.
    i had an 07 r6 before the cbr1000 and i loved that bike,im just hoping the r1 feels just as good :grin:
  19. why did you go from an 07 r1 to a 07 cbr1000?
  20. My bad ... bit grumpy today and obviously not reading properly :)