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CBR1000F rear wheel

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CBRSteve, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    1. I'm up for a new tyre & can't for the life of me remember the size of my rear wheel. Bike nor manual are at work so I thought I'd ask the kind people of Netrider (as I'd like to order a tyre today)

    It's a 97 model. I think from memory its a 180/55/17 but may be wrong.

    Any able to help?

    2. Pilot Road -Any good? (I'm thinking for going with the Battlax again)
  2. 170 profile is standard on the CBR1000F. I ran a 180 on mine for a while. Recently, I had to replace it. Only had a 170 in stock, and as that is what the book says, we fitted it. Didn't make any difference to grip. Handling seemed to be better, though.

    I've got Pilot Roads front and rear. They're OK, in the wet and dry. But then, I'm no Mick Doohan..
  3. Thanks for the info mate :)
  4. I have run Pilot Roads and they didn't last very well compared to the Pilot Powers if you ride the bike really hard. They seemed to scallop early.

    But I do 400 kays a week of high speed country riding thats why I prefer the Pilot Powers (except in heavy rain).

    I have tried everything from 170 - 180 to 190 rears. The 180 & 190 do give you extra grip, but at the expense of handling - especially turn in. I am going back to 170's when these ones are shagged.
  5. I would go the 170 every time. I have found the standard tyre size gives way better agility. I will even go down one size from standard. You only miss out on the tiniest bit of grip at the absolute limit but the ease of turn in more than makes up for it :D Plus you get the odd drift out of it from time to time if you're really on it :LOL:
  6. It makes sense, given that the 170 is what the engineers who designed the bike specify for it.

    I found that the bike's agility improved when I went to the 170 from a 180.