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CBR1000F headlight bulb

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by brokey, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Anyone out there with a CBR1000F please heed this call for help :(
    I am doing the bi-yearly headlight bulb replacement but as usual, suspect that I have bought the wrong bulb (again) :x as I have spent too long trying to get the bastard in. At Xmas time I had to replace one and it only took me about 5 minutes to fit it :roll:
    Is there a correct bulb that I can easily identify at the counter as I am building up quite a collection of replacements for the car :roll:

  2. thanks for the info and pointers to the sites and places to purchase....hopefully no more dud buys and wasted time trying to fit and non-comformist bulb :roll:
  3. Oi! - I've just cottoned on! Col "Brokey" .... it's Mark R from SkillsNet!

  4. I had the exact same problem. Blew a globe. Bought a standard H4 from a local auto shop. I spent about 10 frustrating minutes trying to get it to fit. I compared it with the original. They looked the same. I then put the old one back in. Fitted easily. Tried the new one. Nope. And that it's stuck behind the fairing and hard to access didn't make my demeanor any more pleasurable.

    For some reason, the non-OEM globes have a different base, even though they look the same. I managed to get the new one to fit after butchering the base a bit. Unfortunately, the original globes are low wattage compared to a standard automotive 60/55w unit. And on a 1000cc roadbike that's unforgivable.

    Let me know how you go. I'd like to fit brighter globes, so that my night rides around here aren't as "exciting" as they have been in the past.....
  5. Yeah, they have made it a real treat havent they :roll:

    My collection of spares for the car is growing as they seem to fit that and not the bike :roll:

    Will get back to the shop this week sometime and try and remember the actual part number of the globe :D
  6. Just looked up the manual. The "E" type, or UK model takes 2 x 60/55 watters. The "U" type or Australia model takes 2x 45/45 watters. So, when we try to fit a globe of more reasonable output, it probably explains why they are difficult to fit.

    Interestingly, there are variants that take a single globe only. My old ZZR11 was like that. And its headlight was good for about 80 km/h around here. Not bad for a 280 km/h bike, huh?
  7. It is always the simplest of reasons....
    So, is there an actual part number of the globe that fits?
  8. I scoured the manual, but couldn't find any part numbers, other than the type of globe/specs.

    You're probably best going to the local Honda dealer. They should have it listed. Thing is, I'd be loathe to fit the standard 45 watter.

    I just remembered. When I picked the bike up from the bike shop where I bought it, I noticed that one of the globes wasn't working. The mechanic wheeled the bike out into the shop to replace it. He was back in 5 mins. with it.

    When I was having difficulty in getting the new globe to fit some time later, I removed the globe that the dealer had fitted. It was and appeared to be a standard H4 60/55w unit. And it looked identical to the 45 watter that had blown, but it fitted OK. Only the one that I purchased didn't fit properly. Both appeared identical to each other. I can't recall brand names now.

    It might end up being cheaper, and easier on the temper if you rocked up to the local Honda joint and see if they can replace it on the spot.
  9. The last time I had to replace the bulb prior to this one blowing as when I was at Batemans Bay over the new year period....went to the local shop (I think it is a Honda dealer), removed the blown bulb and compared new ones to the old one till we thought we had the right one...I rode back to the folks place, waited till the bike cooled a little (that radiator gets a tad hot) and fitted it in about 5 minutes....why I didnt note the bulbs part number I dont know :roll:
    On saturday I picked up another bulb after carefully comparing tabs etc and thought I had the right one....a couple of hours later after trying to fit it I am thinking differently....
    I think that I might take a ride to Redwing and see if they can shed light on the subject :wink:
  10. If they are like the VFR800, then they are a standard H4 bulb that you get at any auto-parts store, except those tabs you speak about a spaced slightly differently so they std H4 bulb won't fit in correctly. I was able to bend back one of the tabs, and the globe then fitted being held with just the 2 tabs and clip at the back.[/u]
  11. Whats it like fitting a bulb in a VFR?? On the CBR its difficult as you cant see what you are doing and have to do it all by feel...if you have the correct bulb it can take around 5 minutes....
  12. Why are Honda's always so hard to work on?
    It seems to be a generic trait across the entire range.
  13. Same :( Hand in under the nose cone and all by feel.
  14. It's a wonderful way to work, huh? Never knowing who's sleeping spot you may disturb.....

    BTW, how's the mending process coming along? How you off, work-wise? Or is TAC looking after all that stuff?
  15. I know this is an old thread, but I encountered the same problem when replacing my CBR1000F headlight globe. I've found a source (in Aus) that carries the correct globes, and also provides some tech info if you're trying to find a compatible unit for other purposes, i.e. HID or LED.
    Honda globe - Bulb, Headlight, P43T-65degrees, H6 12v 45/45w, Halogen CBR900 [M-EH410] : BMH Trading, Classic Motorcycle Parts (Also known as HS1)
    Standard H4 - Bulb, Headlight, P43t-38, 12v 60/55w h4, Halogen [M-EH407] - $12.00 : BMH Trading, Classic Motorcycle Parts
    And it's not only the tabs at different angles. The little slot thingummies in the base are wider as well. Why, Mr Honda, why? :)

    Hope this helps,