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CBR1000 RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by si-1000, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I am amazed by the cbr1000rr, it has proved to be near perfect for wat i was after in a big bore sportsbike with a few suprises. the first is its ability to deal with peak hr traffic on the occasion i ride to work and the second is its ability to change line thru cnrs wen u have to dodge wet clumps of bark riding out thru yarra juncton up2 neerim. the dealer i bought it from were shocking, they were rude and couldnt care a less, expecially at delivery which is for the buyer the most exciting part, i was thrown the key and pointed in the general direction of my bike by the general manager with no run down on the bike or even where to find the helmet lock. My bike now goes to New World Honda. if anyone is after a big bore sports bike make sure you test the honda, it will rock ur world. \:D/

  2. Its always good to hear of someone who thinks the world of their new purchase. Continue to enjoy.
  3. Grats, hopefully i'll have on in a few years time :(
  4. very extremely jealous and envious, have fun you b.....:grin:
  5. lol thanks
  6. they do handle great .i test rode a few litre bikes and as soon as i jumped on the cbr 1000rr i knew it was the one. awsome machine. so what colour did you end up with ?

  7. i opted for the last new black 05, ive always liked em. they look mad, ive put on tinted screen, put on red rim tape, seat cowl and taken rear pegs off. wat did you end up with
  8. man im jealous, i want one of these in the next 12 months
  9. i got the 06 in black.only mod so far is fender eliminator with more to come. they look sweet in black dont they?
  10. mad, 2 mates have black 05 aswell, 06 just out of reach if ya need bits and in melb see scotty new world honda spares type dude
  11. thanks for the tip will keep it mind.
  12. just a quick thought dont ya luv how they will lift there front hoop just under throttle, it just makes me giggle
  13. with out a doubt. it is quite effortless actually. a bit hair raising sometimes to. if only i had more time to enjoy it.
  14. Congratulations on the new bike! BTW, which dealer should I be avoiding for my next purchase? Why did you end up buying it fom them in the end?
  15. i ended up gettin my bike from dandenong honda because i couldnt find a black blade at any other shop. My salesman Adrian was really good and professional, unfortunately it was others there that spoilt it, Adrian was away sick and i ended up having to deal wih his boss. The finance lady was straight up rude and tried to make me feel bad for holding her back for 10 minutes after there closing time, she also made a mistake with my final figure and when i asked her to re check her maths finding she was wrong, she got all nasty with me which i found as funny which just pissed her off even more, Just b4 i got changed in2 riding gear i asked where my bike was and was told it was round the back of the shop, It was an effort for them to bring the bike round for me. i was chucked the key and told good luck... I wasnt even sbown where the service book was and given a vague answer to how much fuel was in it, It was all just to hard for them. Ive now spent another $1000.00 on my bike all from another dealer....
  16. And there endeth the lesson. Good onya you can buy a bike anywhere so the only real difference between dealers is their attitude.

    Oh jealous me! you bet
  17. If i had a dealer acting as if they didnt want my business at ANY time during the purchase phase, i would tell them where to put the bike they were trying to sell me.

    Remember YOU are in the position of power here, not the dealer. There is ALWAYS another dealer willing to better their price and provide greater service.
  18. oh hell yeah tang but the suck part was that i couldnt find a black 05 at other dealers, so i found moments of joy burning that finance lady after she was rude and nasty. service is big these days and more shops really need to understand that good service costs little but will return big.
  19. Well, at least you got the bike you wanted! Thanks for the heads up. Will be sure to avoid the afore mentioned business. :wink:
  20. Congrats Si-1000, i take possession of my black 06 fireblade on Friday... i am salivating at the thought.

    i was indicisive on the R1/Gixxer1000/Fireblade...untill i got onto the fireblade, it just fit me.

    I got some "pack" with it with a tinted black front screen, seat cowel, tank sticker, bracket oggy's and a Two Brother's Racing Pipe.... I just want Friday to come already!!!

    Enjoy yours, i know i will enjoy mine.