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CBR1000 Highside

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jul 19, 2011.

  2. I love the alacrity with which the guys on the side of the road rush to his assistance :rofl:
  3. would have been cool if he held the slide....
  4. To much throttle in the corner?
  5. :eek: rough as guts riding, dunno wtf he was doing before he got to the corner
  6. Bunch of knobs taking it in turns to try and get their knee down whilst filming each other?

  7. Mulholland Highway strikes again
  8. rnickeymouse is a great channel on Youtube.

    That video is a pretty good example of what your tires shouldn't look like.
  9. I bet you that those cameras contribute to a large portion of those crashes..............people riding over their limits or getting distracted.
  10. I left a comment on this one at the time.
    Primary cause - rider error. Too much throttle too early. However, as I said above, it still looked salvageable. Then the front turned in and just stayed there, and that shouldn't have happened.

    I think right at the start, he has a bit of a moment exiting the previous corner anyway, so he was definitely being a bit ham fisted. Not the smoothest or most together rider I've seen recently. I think he was riding over his head, trying to do stuff that his skill level just wasn't up to. Full marks for courage, for having a good go anyway, but no respect. You ride any bike beyond your capability and it's foolish, but to do it on a big sports bike is seriously dumb.

    It's interesting they all bin it on that corner, because there are faster wider corners in car parks. It's very slow and tight, camber and radius changes, the surface is old and faded and worn, and there's usually a dozen dicks up in the carpark with cameras, filming everything. I think the combination, and possibly that they can begin to see the exit, all sucks them into getting on it a bit too hard. It's the last corner in the sequence, going in that direction, so maybe they all get over confident because they've made it. Don't know.
  11. Sure he may have hit the gas a little early... but I don't really think it was rider error. Seems to be more a case of expecting to get any grip with tires more bald than John Howard.
  12. Damn I could watch highside videos all day :)

    What brought him of was cutting the throttle.

    But wtf was he doing on the exit of the last corner?? He was hacking at the gas like an old tree stump!
  13. Trying to get his knee down on bald tyres. 'nough said

  14. Naw, bald tyres are really only ever an issue if there's a contaminant (e.g. water) on the road. This looked pretty dry/clean.
  15. From the comments on the youtube page, the fall was enough to have split the riders helmet....
  16. True, but they must be pretty worn out to have no tread left. the rubber has probably gone off
  17. Seems to me as the rear of the bike has slid out and spat him up onto the tank he's wound the throttle on even further (you can hear the motor) which has then thrown him again for the actual highside.

    If he hadn't wound on a ton of throttle once the first slide bounced him onto the tank he *may* have not been thrown?

    That said, I've never come off my bike high or low. Or even slid a rear wheel. So my thoughts may be WAY off :)

    Edit: Watched it again and there's probably not enough time and he's too far off the bike already to save it before he winds on a ton more throttle.
  18. Gotta love the skid mark he leaves on the road as he starts to lose it...
    Also a good hint on what's going on there...
    See it clearly on the slow mo replay from 30sec..
  19. The bald tyre thing - yeah, that wouldn't help. You can get older rubber hot and working but you need some quicker corners to do it, and there are not that many on that stretch. Maybe he goes up that stretch 3 times a week and while the rubber was newer it was all nice and warm by the end, but over time he's gotten more confident but the tyre's gotten older... And it's not like he was going all that slow, he has his knee down earlier in the corner, you can hear it, and he's grabbed some go when he's seen clearways, and it's all just been a bit too much.
  20. Oh. I don't know about that...